I did something scary

I did something scary yesterday … I went to the gym.

Going to the gym wouldn’t normally be scary, but the last time I attended a Pump class, NSW was aiming to be COVID zero. Now we’re learning to live with the virus in our midst.

I’ve been a bit lairy about huffing and puffing in a closed room with 19 other people. I thought about cancelling my membership, but I need the fitness motivation provided by classes, so I took a deep breath – and some sanitiser wipes – and worked out.

It was lovely to see my gym instructor. The poor woman must have really struggled during lockdown, she admitted she considered a change of career.

There were only about 10 people in the class, so we could spread out. I eased myself into the workout with some light weights and felt so high after the class ended. I think it was helped by sending out a Drinks Digest newsletter before I left with BREAKING NEWS in it, so traffic was flooding the site.

I’m also very excited about some post-lockdown stuff that’s on the agenda for this weekend … stay tuned … the combination meant it was a very happy morning for me.

Well, until I drove to the post office to submit the paperwork for the youngest’s new passport and realised my ex hadn’t signed it.


So I drove home again and soothed myself with some Violet Crumble nuggets.

I bought the Violet Crumble nuggets for the eldest thinking I would be safe from them because I don’t like Violet Crumble. It turns out it’s Crunchie I don’t like. Violet Crumble is delicious … gobble, gobble.

Good thing I’m back at the gym.

Violet Crumble always reminds me of lunches in Kerry Packer’s corporate dining room at ACP Magazines. It was his favourite chocolate, so a silver tray of it was offered after every posh meal with clients. Quite the juxtaposition.

I’ve also eaten all the Choc Mint Magnums in my freezer, to ensure they’re not there to tempt me. Smart tactic, huh?

Yep, it’s a very good thing that I’m back at the gym, otherwise I won’t be able to fit into my new ALDI swim shorts and rashie that I’ve bought for summer.


Things were also excitingly scary for the youngest yesterday. When I picked her up from school she was hyper about trying to break up a fight at school. Apparently a kid took a swing at one of her male friends, so she dragged him into the classroom to try and save him. But the other boy stormed in, flung her friend against a whiteboard and then threw him across some desks.

Blood and extensive bruising followed.

High drama.

Fortunately the youngest emerged from the carnage unhurt, but noted that if she HAD been hurt, someone would have definitely been expelled. Apparently boys throwing each other at whiteboards and across desks is not necessarily an expulsion offence at her current high school, but accidentally hitting a girl in the process has serious consequences. Good to know.

The teacher was so terrified she had to take the lesson off and the kids were sent a substitute.

I am very, very shudder about physical violence. There is no way you will ever catch me at a boxing match. Punching for sport, ewwww.

OK, I’m off to make love not war.

Have a fab weekend.

Song of the day: Beastie Boys “You’ve gotta fight for your right to party”

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