Always take the weather

One of my former colleagues is working at the Bureau of Meteorology these days, so I’ve followed them on social media and I recommend you do it too. They post the most awesome photos.

Yesterday was a corker – a series of stunning shots of the Southern Lights. I was beside myself with joy when I saw them.

I want to see the Southern Lights soooooo badly. DD and I have the Northern Lights on our bucket list, but the Southern Lights would be way closer and cheaper.

Although I suspect they aren’t as easy to predict, otherwise we’d be hearing much more about them.

I know there are heaps of people champing at the bit to travel internationally again, but I’ll be quite happy to just pootle around Australia and New Zealand for the foreseeable future. We live in the most beautiful part of the world.

I’m looking forward to exploring more of it soon.

About all I explored yesterday was Woolies for some pastry to make pies for dinner. Everything else in my diary was cancelled due to COVID restrictions and their knock-on effects.

Actually, it was a day of disappointment all round. The eldest was meant to try for his L plates, but the computers at Service NSW were on the blink, so it’s been rescheduled for June 1.

There was minor panic an hours prior to the cancelled test when the eldest wanted his birth certificate. I have NO FREAKING IDEA where his birth certificate is because I’ve never filed a single thing in my life.

I have vowed to spend Saturday getting organised and, hopefully, finding it.

Fingers crossed I’ve caught up on some sleep by then, as my insomnia returned for no good reason on Wednesday night and I was lucky to get three hours. As a result, I was not in the best of moods yesterday, which may have increased my agitation about the missing bloody birth certificate.

What is it with teenagers and annoying, last-minute demands?

And that’s it from me today. I hope you have the most fabulous weekend and I look forward to chitter chattering at you on Monday.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Always take the weather with you”

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