What are the odds?

I can’t quite believe it, but DD’s car had to be towed yesterday. I drove up to his place in a rental car on Sunday night, following my own towing incident, see yesterday’s blog if you missed the news. I was eager to drown my sorrows in a roast dinner and rosé. But when we hopped into his car to head to the Four Pines, the Saab wouldn’t start.

Apparently it needs a new fuel pump. What are the odds of two tows in one weekend?

I drove the cheap rental to the Renault service centre yesterday morning, armed with a few garbage bags and steely resolve. I emptied an embarrassingly large amount of stuff out of my car, as I am hoping – probably in vain – to never drive the dangerous tin can again. Then I stomped into the service centre and asked to see the manager.

He initially wanted to talk to me at a desk in the waiting room, but I suggested we move to his office because I was VERY UPSET.

He hustled me in, closed the door, nodded a lot and promised nothing. He told me things go wrong with cars and that’s why there are warranties. I said that if every Renault had as many problems as mine, I don’t know how they sell any. I said quite a lot of other things and cried, as I am feeling very PTSD about it all.

He said they would look at the car as soon as possible, but they are super busy right now due to some COVID-related staffing issues. I asked him to at least try and check what was wrong with it and get back to me, but I didn’t hear anything yesterday. The car dealership didn’t even bother to respond to my letter of complaint.

Deep sigh. I am contemplating who to forward my complaint to today. Suggestions welcome.

I got a few suggestions from people yesterday about getting rid of the Renault and buying another car. That would be an awesome idea if I wasn’t unemployed and a little under resourced financially right now.

But I’m sure I’ll work something out. In the meantime, I am really enjoying driving a Hyundai i30 around. It’s a nifty little thing and I’m becoming quite fond of its oomph compared to the orange tin can.

In other news, I had a lovely catch up with my former colleague Lynne over in Newtown. She introduced me to a little cafe called OneAnother on Wilson Street that gave me a whole new perspective on the suburb. It’s in a leafy, gorgeous spot and the coffee and freshly baked muffin were both yum.

The afternoon heralded a few deliveries, including whisky samples for an upcoming virtual tasting. The bloke emailed me a few weeks ago, saying: “If you could please provide a contact mobile number and delivery address I would very much like to send you a sample pack of the series for your Whisky Editor, DD.” I was quite tickled by that!

And then a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker’s rosé arrived. I’ve been dying to try it, so I was very excited. You can read about it by clicking here.

All in all, aside from the snotty blubbering at the car repair place, it was a pretty good day.

OK, I’m off to Google Renault email addresses, plus Charlie the Moodle needs to be dropped off to getting his teeth cleaned at vast expense at 8am and I have another ENT appointment this arvo, as my ears are still on the fritz. Busy, busy.

Song of the day: Roy Oribison “Crying”

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  1. Hi Alana. You could try Fair Trading about your car. Unfortunately we don’t have national lemon laws yet. Cheers D

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