No dramas

It’s not going to last, but my drama-free streak continued yesterday. It was very relaxing.

I woke to the sound of the rain absolutely pelting down, but it conveniently stopped so I could walk the dogs to the coffee shop for my strong, flat white.

Then I went to a Pump class at the civilised time of 9.30am.

After that I took the youngest to the post office to collect the record player she bought with her birthday money. I realised while I was at the post office that my driver’s licence was missing, but I found it in my other handbag when I got home. Possible drama avoided.

I walked into the youngest’s room a little while later to hear her playing a Beach Boys record she got on sale at ALDI. It sounded like a funeral dirge. I told her I was pretty sure it was playing at the wrong speed. Being a typical teenager, she insisted it was just a slow song. Ah, no, I didn’t think so. She grudgingly had a fiddle and delightedly discovered the three different speed settings. Brian sounded way better at the correct RPM and very amusing at the fastest one.

DD came over and we painted all the cracks in the deck. That wasn’t fun, it was really hard to get the Ironstone paint down the sides of each of the boards, but we got there eventually. DD reckons the before and after deck pics he put on his Facebook feed earlier this week are one of his most popular posts EVER, he’s basking in the glory.

Then we went out for a delicious noodle lunch at New Shanghai. I paid to say thank you for all his deck work.

Afterwards, I wrote a few stories about drinks, including one about pickle juice-flavoured seltzer. They’re sending me some to try. Should be interesting … insert wide-eyed emoji.

The rain absolutely pelted down again in the afternoon. The first thunderclap made me literally jump and sent the dogs wild with panic, but the downpour conveniently stopped so I could jump in the car and have a drink at Small Bar with my friend Orsola the astronomer, who I hadn’t seen for an embarrassingly long time due to work/single motherhood/illness etc

We had two glasses of wine and two jerk chicken soft tacos each and talked like absolute steam trains for almost three hours. The rain pelted down while we were there, but It conveniently stopped so I could jump in the car and drive home.

And that was my Wednesday.

Nice. Peaceful. Wet.

The torrential weather woke me up a few times during the night – I haven’t heard rain that heavy for a long time. Blimey, I’m not sure I’ll be getting my walk to the coffee shop this morning! Ooooh, actually, the sun just came out. Happy Thursday!

Song of the day: Garbage “Only happy when it rains”

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