Lots of farewell hugs

What a crazy week it’s been! House has gone home again after a brief return to magland, she’s sipped lots of cocktails at a fancy event, her sister has been bitten by a quokka and her daughter has gone camping in a swamp.

It’s been so busy I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday, so I’m doing a Good Friday catch up.

I’ll start with the cocktails. I was collected from the office on Wednesday evening by a fancy black town car and driven to Poly restaurant in Surry Hills for a Diageo World Class event.

Diageo World Class is a program that encourages consumers to think and care about fine drinking in the same way they care about fine dining. 

I didn’t know a soul, but I made lots of friends, from the driver to various lovely young things who write for groovy publications such as Timeout and Difford’s Guide.

The kitchen looks a bit like you’ve gone to someone’s place for dinner, so open and intimate. I somehow scored a spot on the main table and proceeded to talk the ear off the organizers for the next few hours while eating and drinking up a storm. The pink cocktail and the main dish of smoked beef and roast cauliflower were particularly delicious but it was really dark in the restaurant and I couldn’t grab the share plates to photograph before people started scoffing them.

Here are a couple of the dishes:

The next day was my last one in the current contracting gig and I was very sad to say goodbye to all the lovely friends I’ve made at Organic Gardener and Healthy Food Guide, plus the awesome advertising team. I had fish tacos with one of my colleagues for lunch at a nearby cafe and the afternoon was filled with farewell hugs and flowers and chocolates.

It also included the news from my sister that she had been bitten by a quokka on Rottnest Island. I had no idea the cute little things might bite when you lean in for a selfie. Eeeek. Fortunately, he came back to apologize while she was having dinner and the island also served up the most amazing sunrise.

After finishing work I drove the youngest’s sleeping bag and clothes and extensive array of eczema treatments to her friend’s house on the Northern Beaches as she headed off camping with them at 5am this morning.

I asked the mum where they were camping and she said Dunn’s Swamp. That sounded a bit ewwww but then I looked it up and it’s absolutely magnificent. It’s near Mudgee – I’d never heard of it. No mobile phone reception, no showers and drop toilets. So I’m not sure it’s the destination for me, but the youngest will have a ball.

After meeting the mum I had a quick bite with DD and raised a glass to me finally being able to catch my breath and recover from my health issues.

Which brings me to today, which will be a very quiet one. I have lots of Drinks Digest work to catch up on and about 50 jobs to apply for to satisfy my JobSeeker requirements (and also because I can’t spend too long recovering as there are too many bills to be paid).

In the meantime it’s the Easter Long weekend – hope you get to relax and do lovely things.

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