Things I’m loving

My life isn’t all rage walking and navel gazing. There are lots of things I’m loving at the moment.

Like my new shower recess …

It’s in a tiny little laundry room and is simply tiled in Bunnings cheapies, but I feel so luxe when I’m standing under that shower head every morning.

And my new bedroom …

The sunrises I watch each day are glorious, the carpet feels amazing underfoot, there’s so much space and once I’ve transferred over all my clothes into my new summer and winter wardrobes that DD built, it will be bliss.

Speaking of DD, I love that this good looking rooster sends me regular photo updates of his adventures so I don’t forget what he looks like during the week. That’s him on a bike ride with his mates.

Although, last night the stars aligned and the youngest needed to be collected from a netball match near his house. So I joined him for a virtual Dutch whisky tasting. It was the Australian relaunch of the Netherland’s label Millstone Whisky, led by Managing Director & Distiller Patrick van Zuidam. Patrick was a very entertaining, laconic bloke.

Confession: DD sipped the whisky while I sipped a glass of rose. He pronounced the very smooth 10 year old French Oak cask matured whisky as his favourite of the six samples.

I continue to think that it’s pretty awesome I still totes adore him after almost seven years. I was digging around to find the first photo I ever shared of us together and found this …

OMG look how skinny I was when he first met me! And how little the youngest was! That’s my birthday in 2015. Blimey.

As for the first photo with him … He looks so young and I look so wrinkled! Nawww, he has such pretty eyes. The pic below was at the O Bar, where we toasted my 46th birthday.

After the whisky tasting I picked the youngest up from netball and decided I was brave enough to drive home the quick way via the most haunted road in Sydney, Wakehurst Parkway.

Fortunately the ghosts were napping and we had a peaceful trip, aside from the youngest ranting about what bad sports middle-aged netball players are (she’s in an open ages competition).

Oh, and I’ve remembered something!!!!! One of the reasons I have a ghost phobia is because of my childhood friend Megz. We were at Camp Toukley and I was on the top bunk and she was on the bottom bunk and she pretended to be a ghost pushing my mattress up in the air. She swore BLACK AND BLUE that it wasn’t her doing it. Scared the bejesus out of me. Thx Megz.

A couple of last things I’m loving … I wrote about a sushi cake at work and people went nuts. It’s the most comments I’ve ever had on a post. It was very divisive.

What do you think?

And I’m also loving writing the stories about celebrities that I’ve been wanting to run for years – ones that aren’t fake news about them getting married or divorced or having babies or affairs.

Here are a selection of the social media tiles I’ve created recently to promote my celeb health and well-being and positive ageing stories:

OK, gotta go and prep, because the builder reckons he’s finally coming over to finish up today. I’ll believe it when I see it …

Song of the day: Donna Summer “I feel love” (SUCH a good song)

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  1. Rofl. Well, your memory is kinda right. That wasnt camp Toukley (yr 4), it was that camp we went on in yr 7 with the Baptist church group (Megan & Joanne were also there). We were near the Allyn River, in a soooper old house with ridiculously high ceilings & the rooms had triple bunks, we were across the road from a cemetery & the door to the verandah that didn’t lock, so we tied the string that turned the bedroom light on to a nail on the back of the door & were telling ghost stories scaring the bejeeesus out of all of us & not being able to sleep coz the door didn’t lock (yet, ghosts wouldn’t be bothered with locks)

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