Gadding about

This blog post is brought to you by … lethargy … it was bloody hot at my place yesterday, plus it’s that time of year, so I was gadding about on Friday AND Saturday nights.

I was a WRECK all Sunday #gettingold.

I didn’t get to bed until midnight on the previous two nights. As I tend to wake up at 5am, come hell or high water, this wasn’t conducive to being at full operating capacity during the day.

I was also hoarse from talking too much in very noisy restaurants and bars. But the partying had its upsides, including delicious food and good conversation.

I went to a place called The Sailor Bar & Kitchen on Friday night. There was live music – a singer called Ashleigh Taylor – and the most delicious spicy prawn soft tacos.

Saturday was a Christmas catch-up with a contact of DD’s and sensational Chinese food.

Both venues were going off – in a COVID-safe fashion – you’d hardly know we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. We are very lucky to be living in Australia.

Actually, I was reminded that we ARE in the midst of a pandemic when I went Christmas shopping with the youngest. We had to queue up to get into stores because there were customer entry caps. I don’t like shopping at the best of times, so standing behind 20 people waiting to get into each store was a bit of a bore.

A swim late on Sunday afternoon revived me. It was supposed to include an Insta taste test of a bourbon-barrel-aged Chardonnay that I was sent by Robert Mondavi, but I forgot that Australia is the epicentre of screwcap wine bottles and the rest of the world hasn’t caught on quite as well … so the chardy had a cork in it and we didn’t have a bottle opener. Dammit.

We had to improvise, with DD stepping in to do a bit of styling with the (unfortunately) empty glasses. Then we headed back to his place to crack it open. It was very delicious, highly recommended if you enjoy a chardy.

And now another week dawns. It will be a busy one, as I have a freelance gig – making over a website – plus two real-life job interviews.

Hopefully one of them comes up trumps, what with Christmas being a few weeks away and all.

PS: Yesterday’s heat didn’t stop the youngest and Charlie from sunbaking in the backyard. They’re both nuts.

Hope your weekend was a good ‘un.

Song of the day: Rod Stewart “Sailing”

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