Time to celebrate

I’ve been getting lots of lovely feedback on my new website, Drinks Digest. It’s been great to hear that people like it, as the site is a culmination of many years of learning about the digital space. I still have a long way to go, but I’m loving the journey.

I spent 20 years in magazines not giving two hoots about the birth of digital, so I had a bit of catching up to do. I started the learning process eight years ago when I launched Housegoeshome. Since then I’ve worked on commercial sites with everything from small to enormous followings and discovered that the key to growth boils down to knowing how people’s brains tick and fingers click.

It’s been a long time since I worked on a newspaper, but the principle of news sense was much the same on a weekly magazine. Plus, my experience as a magazine editor means I have an eye for design and detail. I get such a buzz when all those elements come together – building Drinks Digest myself felt gooooood.

A bloke emailed this week and said: “It looks like congratulations are in order, your new project Drinks Digest is looking great! Must have been a massive undertaking to get the project up and running.”

I decided not to mention that it wasn’t all that massive, just a few days and no budget.

Another industry contact said he thought the site would have “broad appeal”, adding “it’s really great!”

Go me! It’s been a nice boost after a confidence crushing year.

Speaking of go me stuff, I’ve almost wrapped up the renovation. Yesterday, the builder put all the silicon in the kitchen, laundry and toilet, so I can finally use them. Woo hoo!

He’s supposed to come back today and finish everything off, let’s see if that happens …

Oh, and I pushed through my fear of confrontation and had a phone conversation with Niaz the errant computer technician. I’ve been threatening him fairly heavily via email and worrying that he’ll exact revenge, since he knows where I live. But we agreed to let bygones be bygones and he’s refunded what he got paid for my call-out.

In completely unrelated news, the sky was purple at my place last night. Was it a weird colour around your way?

Though that’s not quite as weird as it snowing in Tassie this week. Snow. In December. And not just a few stray flurries.

As for today, it will be hectic. Aside from the builder supposedly finishing off, I’m getting briefed on my next freelance project, plus I need to tell a potential employer the first three things I would change about their digital presence if I got the job.

I’ve also been strong and resisted the youngest’s pleas to let her have the day off (Friday classes only go until lunchtime), so I’ve promised I will drive her to school to lessen the pain.

Busy, busy.

Then I’m smoothing the edges with a drink with an old friend tonight.

As for the weekend, my sister’s turning the big 5-0 on Sunday. How do I have a little sister that’s 50? How?

I feel very lucky that we’re such good mates and live so close to each other. I’d be lost without her.

Happy birthday sis!

Hope you have something fun in the works this weekend. Catch you Monday.

PS If you haven’t liked Drinks Digest on Facebook yet, I’d be so grateful for the support. Also, let me know if you’d like me to sign you up for the weekly newsletter.

Song of the day: Elvis Presley “Little sister”

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