The stalemate

You know how my friend Mel came over on Tuesday night to dye my grey roots? Well, the youngest walked into the kitchen at one point to complain about being covered in spots and Mel had no more idea what to do about it than me.

I’d always thought I was the only one who hadn’t mastered the infinite wisdom of motherhood. It was very affirming.

Mel and I both shrugged, suggested the youngest have an antihistamine and went back to sipping riesling and chin wagging.

The youngest still had spots yesterday, so I let her stay home from school. She hates the family doctor and refuses to see him, which means we’re at a bit of a stalemate about our next move.

I sent a picture of the spots to DD, but he wasn’t much help and suggested heat rash. It was only 22C yesterday and the spots didn’t go away, so I’m thinking it ain’t heat rash.

It wasn’t very relaxing having the youngest home from school, as she got to see that I spent half the day watching Leanne Morgan comedy videos on YouTube and the rest of it writing stories about alcohol, while occasionally checking my emails and saying things like “oooooh, yay, my JobSeeker payments start on December 12”. It didn’t present me in the most positive light.

It’s also very messy having the youngest home from school because she Googles recipes and cooks them. The mess she leaves behind is EXTREME and my exasperation is only mitigated slightly by her giving me samples to try.

I’ve porked up during COVID-19, so while cookie samples are yummy, they’re not deflating the spare tyres I’m accumulating. I’m booked to do an Abs, Butt & Thighs session at Fitness First today, but that’s what gave me vertigo last week (still dizzy) so I’m a little nervous.

When I told my mum I had vertigo, she cheerily revealed how much worse her vertigo was at my age. The house she lived in at that point had exposed brick walls and apparently she was bouncing off them like a human pinball before puking extravagantly all over the bathroom.

I have no idea why all the genetic medical problems gifted to me by my parents are only mentioned after I’ve been stricken with them. Every time I get some strange diagnosis, one of them invariably pipes up with a been there done that platitude. I hate to think what else they’re still hiding.

In other yesterday news, DD reminded me that we were in New Zealand this time last year. Deep sigh. That was SUCH an awesome holiday. Overseas travel seems like the most fanciful concept now. Do you remember my Wild Night on Milford Sound? The pic above is blurry because the weather was so intense that our fellow passenger couldn’t keep the camera steady.

I’d like to say it was good practice for vertigo, but nothing is good practice for vertigo.

Song of the day: The Beatles “Yesterday”

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  1. vertigo is the absolute worst! I’ve discovered that mine is related to neck issues/post whiplash syndrome, so I’m able to “cure” it with muscle relaxers and wine (not at the same time, of course).

    1. Will go away eventually for you? I’ve got an appointment to see a doctor about mine tomorrow but I’m not hopeful he will be able to do much.

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