Empty nesting

I could be empty nesting sooner than I thought. The eldest reckons he will leave home when the rats go to rodent heaven and the youngest remains super keen to be a Scandinavian exchange student.

I suspect both momentous events will coincide in 2022 and my house will suddenly be way too big for little ol’ me. I’m thinking an apartment near the sea may be in order.

I missed being in the sea yesterday after a lovely dip on Sunday. The ocean is my happy place. My house on a busy road without air conditioning while frantically freelancing wasn’t my happy place yesterday.

In fact, I was a bit/lot grumpy. So was my friend Mel, so we went for a two-hour walk and rant together last night to get it out of our systems. It was pretty steamy at the start of our amble, but a nice breeze arrived by the end and I went home feeling much more balanced.

Today I have a job interview and a giant zit (sitting prominently just above my top lip). Isn’t that always the way? Actually, I wasn’t expecting it to be the way at age 52, but that’s how my cookie crumbles. I’ll be digging out my rarely-used-these-days cover stick to try and hide it.

In other exciting news, DD is in the air today on his first business trip since February. He won’t know himself.

Fingers crossed we keep our internal borders open this time, we need to get the travel economy moving again.

As for being an empty nester, while it would mean shedding expenses, I’m not sure how I feel about shedding my children. I’m already feeling a bit wobbly about not seeing them on Christmas Day. I won’t miss their constant trail of destruction though. The youngest isn’t even supposed to be in my care on Mondays, but she turned up after school yesterday and made a chocolate cake before swanning off to her dad’s place with it, leaving behind the most enormous cocoa-scented mess.

OK, better get up and prepare myself for spruiking. Wish me luck!

Song of the day: Erin Carmen “All by myself”

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