Give me a break

This week has been epic. I’ve spent about 10 hours a day sitting at the computer, frantically typing like a maniac.

The work I’m doing on the book project is intense and headache inducing. I barely have time to feed the kids or even speak to them.

In the spare moments I can snatch, I write a few stories for Drinks Digest, work on my media kit, drive the youngest to skipping training, quickly grab groceries, dab ointment on my itchy skin and apply for jobs.

I also did a video job interview yesterday, which involved dressing up in work clothes and putting on make-up for a change. I shoved the dogs into my bedroom to prevent barking interruptions and set the computer up on the dining room table, facing the pantry cupboards so the interviewers couldn’t see the renovation devastation.

I had a few PTSD flashbacks to a disastrous video interview I did a few years ago. I set myself up on a chair in my bedroom with the door as my backdrop, but I accidentally reversed the camera on my phone and so instead of seeing smiling me, the recruiter got a bird’s eye view of my unmade bed, piled high with washing.

Arrrrrggggghhhhh! Didn’t get that job.

It’s also been a week of fixing things. The splashback grouting has been done. The burnt out wiring for the dishwasher power point has been replaced at vast expense. I’m about to drop the car to the service centre to get its right indicator and the petrol door repaired.

Then I’m off to a lunchtime wake, followed by my nephew’s birthday teppanyaki dinner.

I feel a bit exhausted writing it all down, let alone living it.

So it’s a relief to say I’m having a few days off. I booked a getaway before I lost my job. Actually, I booked two getaways back to back.

I think I’m technically on annual leave, as I was given four or five weeks pay in lieu of notice from my job and I had about 12 days holiday up my sleeve. Hopefully that means the Jobseeker payments kick in soon!

Have a great week, I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures.

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