Animal attraction

Did you miss me? I’ve been up the coast on a mini-break that was booked prior to my retrenchment.

It felt reckless to be away when I should have been looking for a job, but the balance on the accommodation had already been paid, so I hit the road and kept a close eye on SEEK.

The trip had its moments – the most awesome bits involved animals, the least awesome bits involved humans. I’m going to focus on the animals today, because they filled me with joy.

Awesome animal moment number one: seeing Louie the sheep during a morning walk in Newcastle. I thought he was a very large, very shaggy dog at first, then did a double take …

Louie belongs to a local hang glider pilot, who has been looking after him since he was orphaned as a lamb, and takes him for regular walks around town.

Awesome animal moment number two occurred while I was having a Diet Coke at Dunbogan Boatshed. I looked over the edge of the wharf and saw this glorious sight:

Hundreds of fish flitting around in the azure water. So cool!

Awesome animal moment number three: wandering along the edge of the river at North Haven and watching a constant parade of dolphins swimming past.

Awesome animal moment number four: going for a walk at Diamond Head and seeing a mum and bub kangaroo cuddling.

Awesome animal moment number four: sitting on the verandah of our holiday cottage at Smoky Cape and being visited by this gorgeous creature …

So wonderful! I kept reminding myself how lucky I am at those moments.

I didn’t feel quite so lucky during an emergency dental appointment on Monday morning … although … it was pretty lucky that DD found a dentist in Newcastle who could squeeze me in at short notice. That would be the second time DD has dealt with a tooth trauma while away with me!

I’m really, really wishing I wasn’t such a drama magnet. DD noted on our drive home yesterday that he’d really like me to have a week that was incident free.

Sometimes I think that’s impossible. But a girl’s gotta dream.

Have a great weekend, I’d better go and apply for some more jobs.

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