Can’t touch this

I sent DD a photo of my scabby ear yesterday … so romantic.

DD said I’d better see a doctor because it looked like it wasn’t eczema or dermatitis.

It was so itchy, with little patches spreading to beside my eye and on my jaw.

I was very apologetic in the doctor’s surgery, he must get sick of looking at people’s festy orifices. He took a scraping and said it was probably impetigo or staph. Ergh.

I told him that it had been really squelchy inside my ear last week … you must be so glad you decided to read HouseGoesHome today … and Google had suggested it might be brain fluid … hahaha …

He said it sounded like I might have ruptured my ear drum. Awesome.

While I wait for my test results I’m using the most expensive antibiotic cream and drops known to mankind. I literally recoiled when the pharmacist handed me the bill.

Depending on the results of my swab, I may also have to take oral antibiotics. And I’m not allowed to touch anyone until the red patches on my ear and face clear up, as I may be highly infectious.

Not great news when you’re trying to job hunt. I got another job interview request yesterday, which is exciting. Fortunately it’s a virtual interview, so I won’t have to worry about passing anything on.

I spent the rest of the day at my desk, working on the book project and Drinks Digest, with a bottle of hand sanitiser beside me to splash around every time I accidentally touched my face.

I also received a request for a copy of the Drinks Digest media kit and simultaneously thought woo hoo and arrrrrgh … because I don’t have a media kit yet. Didn’t think I’d be needing one quite so soon. It’s been added to the growing to-do list.

Then the youngest needed help with her English assignment – a review of Romeo + Juliet. It was proving a little difficult for her because she a) hadn’t watched the movie and b) hadn’t read the play.

I managed to keep my cool.

Time is passing in a blur and today promises to be another busy one – I have a scary amount to get done before Friday night. So I’d better get cracking on it.

Catch ya!

Song of the day: MC Hammer “U can’t touch this”

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