It’s all happening

Yesterday was very exciting and a little disappointing … both at the same time … and I didn’t even watch the Melbourne Cup.

The electrician came over and finished installing all the power points, so I don’t have to make toast under a side table in the lounge room any more.

Woo hoo!

But he couldn’t work out why the hell the dishwasher power point isn’t working. Crawling around under the house didn’t shed any, ehm, light.

So it will cost around $250 to get new wiring. Sigh.

There’s also something wrong with my ear. I think the eczema inside it has escaped onto the lobe and is making its way across my face. It’s sooooo itchy. I think it’s a side effect of being retrenched. I tend to get really weird skin conditions when I’m stressed.

Long time readers may recall me having scalp issues during the dying days of my marriage.

When a lump started growing rapidly upwards on my head, the eldest suggested it might be a horn and perhaps I was turning into a unicorn. Bless.

I showed the lump to my husband, who didn’t think there was anything magical about it. He went slightly green and asked if I had ringworms. Then I showed my mum, who is the world expert in skin conditions. She also went slightly green and said she had no idea what it was but I should see a doctor.

The doctor examined it, confessed he had no idea what it was either, scraped some off with a scalpel and sent it off to be grown in a laboratory for three weeks. Then he offered the comforting assurance that it probably wasn’t cancerous because my hair hadn’t fallen out around it.

Well, there’s an upside.

My hairdresser took one look at it a week later and said “Pffft! Psoriasis!”

Fat lot of good that $70 doctor’s appointment was … And as soon as my husband disappeared, so did my unicorn horn.

Anyways … this time it’s my ear that’s growing extra bits and it’s driving me MAD.

But that’s enough with the disappointing stuff.

On the exciting front, I got a freelance gig yesterday, working on a book, thanks to my friend Megz. Woo hoo! Oh, and the ATO approved my request to access my superannuation.

The wolf has been temporarily banished from the door!

I’m not looking forward to transcribing 60-90 minute long interviews and turning them into coherent prose, but hey, a girl needs new Decjuba t-shirts … and power points.

In other exciting news, I’ve also been getting lots of clicks on Drinks Digest, which is awesome. I get a kick out of watching numbers grow. As my resume notes, I’m very “results driven”.

Oh, oh, and I just got a job interview at a bottle shop, which I am proper stoked about. I thought it would be excellent work experience and a great way expand my knowledge of the industry (and humanity). Keep your fingers tightly crossed that I impress the owner!

Song of the day: The Power Station “Get it on”

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