Let it go

I am not very good at “letting things go” and I’m getting worse at it with age.

I dwell and sigh and mooch for days.

I normally do everything I can to avoid conflict because I can’t cope with the negativity that it brings.

But, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I couldn’t help myself and sent some feedback to Jamala Wildlife Lodge recently. About 10 days later the manager, Amanda, replied to my email.

Her response stunned me – she was so snarky and defensive. She told me only three people had complained during COVID-19, all return visitors. She then proceeded to rip into my suggestions, sentence by sentence.

The inference was that I was an entitled whinger who expected wild animals to perform on cue for my entertainment.

I can’t tell you her exact words because that would mean reopening the email and setting off my anxiety again.

So I’ll just repeat the sentence from her email that I included on The Thirsty Travellers post: “While most people are understanding of the impact that COVID-19 has had on billions of people worldwide, some of those will still resent it impacting on them.”

I. Still. Can’t. Believe. Someone. Working. In. Hospitality. Said. That. To. A. Guest.

I was very polite in my email. I didn’t demand compensation or threaten repercussions. I simply suggested ways that the experience could be modified to ensure it was unique (and not just an expensive hotel that happens to be in the middle of a zoo) despite the restrictions during COVID-19.

If I was the manager’s manager I would not be happy that she had sent that email to a guest. Some things are best said to your workmates with rolled eyes, not put in writing.

DD told me to “Let it go Red”.

He knows what I’m like.

And I almost have. This blog post is my final word on it. I’ve decided not to jump on Trip Advisor and have a spray.

The hospitality industry is doing it hard enough already.

But honestly, Amanda, I hope you don’t send an email like that to anyone else.

Perhaps just respond to their message with a note along these lines:

“Dear xxxx,

Thank you for giving feedback on your experience at Jamala Wildlife Lodge. We are sorry to hear that you had concerns about your stay. It has been a difficult adjustment for everyone during COVID-19. We have taken your comments on board and will offer additional communications to guests moving forward to ensure our amended itineraries are clearly explained. Please come and visit us again next time you are in Canberra – we would love you to experience meerkat feeding time.



Now I’m going to pretend that’s what Amanda actually said to me and move on.

Oh, and it wasn’t all angst and muttering in the Household yesterday.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Rick Nugent made my day by telling a press conference: “I can confirm it is not a permitted purpose to leave the Melbourne metropolitan area to steal a car, to deal in drugs or travel about with loaded firearms in your car.

“It was rather nice of these offenders though to deliver themselves and these vehicles and drugs and weapons to the police at the checkpoints.

“They have since been dealt with according to the law.”


Song of the day: No Doubt “Don’t speak”

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