Departures and arrivals

There should been a lot of movement at my place recently.

Rubble and old windows have piled up in my front yard and been carted away.

New sinks and toilet cisterns and exhaust fans have filled the hallway.

A bag of preserving jars and some old school uniforms have been dispatched via a local swap and sell page.

DD helped me heft a big timber table that I snaffled from a council throw out years ago back onto the nature strip. Then a woman knocked on my door and asked if she could have it, so I helped her haul it onto my verandah until her husband could collect it. He’s turning it into their kitchen island bench. She gave me a bottle of red wine to say thank you.

And yesterday I arrived home to a pile of packages on the front doorstep.

Two contained photo canvases – one for me and one for my dad for Father’s Day.

The one for me was taken by DD a few months ago – the shadows are the youngest and I swimming at sunrise.

Another box contained wines for a virtual tasting I’m doing with Ricky Ponting this week. As you do. Poor me, it’s a hard life.

Stay tuned for details on how it goes.

Unfortunately there’s been absolutely no movement on the waterproofing of my new laundry, so I still can’t do any washing. But it was a great excuse to head to DD’s last night to use his facilities.

He made me very yummy penne bolognaise, while I made him apple and strawberry pies. The pies were nice, but we both decided we’re not really dessert people. I have no idea what got into me when I decided to bake them.

But it was so nice to snuggle on DD’s couch and share a few bites.

Such a lovely, relaxed way to start to the week.

Lucky him. Lucky me. Lucky us.

Song of the day: Train “Drops of Jupiter”

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