Redeeming myself

Many people don’t like Mondays, but I regard them as a chance to start over with a clean slate.

Every Monday I resolve to eat less food, drink less alcohol, manage my stress levels better and do more exercise. And every week I invariably fail on all four fronts. But then another Monday rolls around, giving me a fresh chance of success.

I can’t even contemplate beginning a resolution on any other day of the week. Monday is my one and only.

Perhaps its the weekly magazine editor in me. Back in the golden years, I would work like the clappers every week to get an issue to the printer, then I’d walk into the office on Monday morning and start again from square one, searching for my next big cover story.

OK … I don’t always look forward to Monday. There are Sunday nights when I’m filled with dread about the week ahead, but I usually find a visit to DD very soothing.

Last Sunday night, I redeemed myself on the social distancing front when DD’s neighbour Gav dropped by the fire pit to try a bottle of Master’s Keep I’d been sent by Wild Turkey to review.

Gav is a massive whiskey fan and has been to many of the top distilleries in Kentucky. He says Woodford Reserve is the most scenic one, if you ever happen to be over that way.

Anyways, I managed not to hug or kiss Gav. I just took his photo as he sipped Master’s Keep beside the fire. Click here to read the full The Thirsty Travellers story.

The next morning, I woke DD at 6am so I could get some sunrise therapy. He wasn’t thrilled to emerge from under the warm doona, as the temperature was sub-10C. But I enticed him down the stairs and into the car. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a stunner sunrise due to low, thick cloud on the horizon, but it was still a beautiful time to enjoy a coffee together at the beach.

I’m yearning for the day when I can live a permanent beach lifestyle. I spotted a little cottage on a cliff looking out at the sea over the weekend that I thought would do quite nicely. It’s timber, with a sandstone chimney and a frangipani tree in the front yard. Nothing fancy, but it looks like a cosy, happy home.

I imagine, if it ever went on the market (there’s no sales history for it), it would be way out of my price zone. The house two doors down is currently for sale with a price guide of $2.3million. That one is pretty much a knock down, but has beach views from both the front and back verandahs.

After yesterday’s sunrise, I drove home to the grindstone. My house felt very quiet and lonely. Sometimes working from home is a bit of a downer. So I texted my friend Mel and lined her up for a night walk to give myself something to look forward to. That always hits the spot and helps get the alcohol-free Monday resolution off to a good start.

Let’s see how the rest of the week pans out … the kids are back around lunchtime today to fill the place with noise and hugs and mess.

PS It could be worse, I could be the person who Googled “meril strep xxx” yesterday and arrived at HouseGoesHome by mistake …

Song of the day: The Easybeats “Friday on my mind”

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