Why did I do THAT?

One of DD’s mates dropped over for a beer on Saturday night as we were relaxing around the fire pit.

I stood up to say hello, walked over and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

He reacted a little weirdly and I thought “oooh what’s his problem?” for a split second before realizing I’d completely ignored social distancing protocol during a pandemic.

ARGH! What was I thinking???

No wonder he was acting strangely, though he assures me he was just pleasantly surprised.


I was completely mortified. He insisted it was totally fine, just a shock, as no one had touched him – other than his girlfriend – in months.

I may have apologized 500 times over the next socially distanced 45 minutes before slinking home.

I am blaming my transgression on being woozy from my second session at Muscle Beach with The Warrior (with the youngest in tow this time). I was feeling a little nauseous and out of it from all the exertion.

My intimate behavior makes absolutely no sense – I’m not a hugger when it isn’t COVID-19, let alone a kisser. It should be a blessed relief that I have an official excuse not to touch people.

I suppose I’m a little out of practice with the social niceties – it’s been a long time between drinks on the deck with anyone other than DD.

Either way, I still can’t believe I did it.

Poor bloke.

In other news, the ailing rats are on Ventolin – dispensed through a cardboard toilet roll insert – and are responding well to treatment.

I also went sunrise chasing with DD one morning, flitting to three different locations in search of pretty photo ops. Here are a few of them:

And we went for two brisk ocean swims to make the most of the last of the warm weather.

I gave Mother’s Day a miss this year. I’d been thinking about a quick dash up the freeway to see my mum and dad, but my father had a bad reaction to his flu injection and has been horribly ill. So I thought it was better to wait and see what Gladys had to say about relaxing restrictions. Now she’s given the tick to outdoor gatherings of 10 people, I’m hoping to head up to Newcastle next time I have the youngest for the weekend and sit a few meters away from my parents in a park and not do any accidental hugging.

Although, Mother’s Day did have its sweet moments. I arrived home from my second walk of the morning to find this sticky taped to the front door:

It had the loveliest message inside that assured me I was the best mum ever. I was a bit teary as I read it.

The youngest and I also celebrated Mother’s Day by going to Big W to get me a new George Foreman grill – such a touching moment.

Argh, I just said ‘touching’ and gave myself another mortified flashback!

How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Prince “Kiss”


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