He’s under care

My thoughtful blog follower Leanne sent me a very exciting news update yesterday.

NSW Police Commissioner Mike Fuller finally confirmed people can visit their partners if they don’t live with them, because it’s classified as ‘care’.

Asked if people can still visit their “boyfriend or girlfriend”, Fuller replied: “Absolutely! That’s under care.”

“Mental health is under care. Absolutely, under care. I think we have to look after each other, but don’t take the whole family with you. Don’t take your grandparents.”

The clarification followed NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian saying people could only leave their homes for medical reasons, to buy goods and services or to exercise.

The announcement came as a huge relief and I’ve taken it as my cue to indulge in some care this morning.

I’m off to catch the sunrise with DD before the school and work day begins.

As per Mike’s instructions, I’m not taking the whole family with me. I’m such a law-abiding citizen. They only wake up at around 8.50am anyway, to commence their studies from bed. They won’t even notice I’m gone.

Things were looking a little tougher for couples in Victoria until last night.

Someone asked their police minister, Lisa Neville on Twitter whether you could visit your partner if they lived alone.

“You cannot visit your partner for social reasons,” she said.

Vic Premier Daniel Andrews was also asked about the rules during a press conference. He reiterated: “That’s not work, that’s not caregiving, that’s not medical care, that’s not shopping for things when you need them. It does not comply with the rules, so people should not do that.”


But their health minister backflipped last night.

“We have no desire to penalise individuals who are staying with or meeting their partners if they don’t usually reside together,” Professor Bret Sutton tweeted.

“We’ll be making an exemption.”

Still, I think it’s a sign of stricter measures to come.

I’d better hug DD while I can.

Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Bill Withers “Ain’t no sunshine”

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