That’s not a nice gift

Happy birthday to me!

Well, it’s not exactly my happiest.

In addition to all my celebrations being cancelled, the universe gave me something else for my birthday: a cold.

Well, at least I hope it’s just a cold.

I woke up on Monday feeling slightly woozy, with a sniffle and a gravelly throat.

The youngest texted to say her throat was so sore she was finding it hard to eat her Vegemite toast over at her dad’s place, so she arrived on my doorstep and we hung out together for the day, me working from home, her working her way through the back catalogue of The Gilmore Girls for the second time.

I had two work functions this week –  a Japanese cocktail masterclass at a trendy new bar in Chippendale,, and a bourbon launch at a fancy joint called Restaurant Hubert.

Both of them were cancelled yesterday.

I asked DD to get me some mince so I could make bulk supplies of Mexican mince to have on nachos and with rice during all the extra days I’m at home now, but he couldn’t find any in the supermarkets.

Apparently mince has now been added to the stuff that’s being rationed.

Ah, well, life goes on in its altered reality way.

And I am 52 now.


I drowned my sorrows and germs in Champagne last night.

DD and I cracked a bottle of Moët on the couch and he cooked me surf and turf for dinner. It was delicious!

I felt very loved.

Hope you are feeling well and finding mince in your neck of the woods.

Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Pink “Raise your glass”

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