Can we skip that

You know how I said that I need to start keeping a diary? Well … I happened to glance at my emails while the wedges were baking for dinner last night and noticed that I was meant to be at a skipping club committee meeting at 7.30pm.


I quickly whipped up dinner for the kids – steak with Manu’s new peppercorn sauce that I discovered in the Woolies meat section, quite good – whacked my bra back on and headed to the local pub for two hours of pre-AGM skipping palaver.

I try to avoid drinking alcohol from Monday to Thursday these days, but I felt an exception was in order for a skipping meeting on a Tuesday night after a long day at the office.

I decided to be a bit fancy and get myself an Aperol Spritz, as it was more refreshing than wine. But I don’t think the bartender had ever made one before – he ducked to the storeroom and cracked the cap on a bottle of Aperol, measured a shot of it, tipped it into a glass and topped it up to the rim with sparkling wine.

I’m pretty sure the instructions on the side of the bottle mention soda, ice and orange wedges.

What I got was far more lethal than I had in mind, so it’s probably a good thing the meeting went so long.

We were mainly discussing how to raise money to go to the World Skipping Championships in Ottawa next year. There’s a long list of volunteer roles to be filled on the fundraising and organising committees.

I anxiously averted my eyes during the discussion, as I’m not entirely sure I have capacity left for anything else in my life right now.

I’m also hoping there are some brownie points in my ex being the Worlds communications coordinator last time.

It’s looking like we’ll do a raffle; among other things, so the hunt is on for prizes.

Hurrah, let me just add that to my to-do list.

I was sooooo knackered by the time we finally exited the pub at 9.30pm.

I returned to a house full of dirty dishes – the eldest had been too busy cleaning out the rat cages, while the youngest had forgotten (AGAIN) to do an assignment that was due today.

I’m really in awe of women who work full time, run a household and also manage to do things for the community.

I felt a bit overwhelmed as I packed the dishwasher and gave the kitchen bench a cursory wipe before crawling into bed at 10.30pm.

OK, gotta go. I need to take the youngest to the dermatologist before school this morning.

Song of the day: Bon Jovi “Sleep when I’m dead”

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