Back to reality

I blinked and my Christmas break was over.

I’m back at work today. No more afternoon beach swims with a glass of vino on DD’s deck afterwards. Sigh.

Meanwhile, the kids are being left to their own devices over the next few weeks … as I type those words I’ve realised it’s a little ironic that the phrase “left to their own devices” has become literal in 2019.

The youngest was so exhausted from 10 days of fun with her cousins that she took to her bed when she arrived home on Wednesday and has barely left it since … she just lies there watching gawd knows what on her phone.

I’d have totally cracked it, except she started having stomach pains on Friday that have left her feeling pretty blah and disinterested in just about everything, including food.

Not the ideal way to spend my few days off with her … I may be using my lunch break today to take her to the doctor.

She also managed to have a major growth spurt while she was away and returned home taller than me. I have no idea why I’ve bred such Amazonian children.

I wonder if the growth spurt has anything to do with the pains? Stomach aches are such amorphous things to diagnose and treat.

I’m not entirely sure it’s kosher to get bored with being at home with your sick child, but I escaped last night for dinner with friends …

My sister’s bestie is minding her house while she’s exploring Tassie, so I popped over for cheese, crackers and Croser last night as a farewell to my holiday excesses.

(The plan is that I’ll now turn away from the Croser, crackers and cheese, and embrace a healthier lifestyle and work on my posture … good luck with that when the eldest wants to return to Surly’s BBQ this week for the burger and fries we’ve jointly deemed Sydney’s best.)

It was a fabulous evening of chitter chattering. My sister’s bestie and her husband are such good, kind, fun people.

The youngest sent a forlorn message at 8pm asking when I was coming home. I said “10 minutes”. I lied.

I finally bustled through the door at 8.45pm, dispensing kisses, cuddles and apologies.

She looked up from her phone briefly to admonish me …

And that was it, holiday over.

Are you back in the work trenches?

Song of the day: Jimmy Sommerville “Mighty Real”

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