We made it!

When you’re geeking around the primary school playground with your 11-year-old mates, pretending to be aliens … probably because you’d don’t quite fit in with humans … its beyond your comprehension that you will meet for lunch as 50-year-olds and wonder how the years flew by so damn fast.

But we did and they did.

I drove to a little Malaysian restaurant in Hamilton yesterday to meet a mob that I began collecting in pre-school – Megz – then added to in primary school – Katherine – before meeting another kindred spirit in year 7 – Megan – and befriending a kinda cool kid around year 9 – Monique.

Here are photos of some of us in our youth:

We’ve fallen in and out of touch over the years and A LOT has happened to everyone since we left school – various jobs, marriages, divorces, children, health issues, heartbreak – but it was wonderful to see their smiling faces around the table.

Four of us met for lunch in 2015 …

Then two of us parked ourselves in a pew in 2016 for Katherine’s ordination as the first female Dean of Christ Church Cathedral … she’s now the Very Reverend Katherine … so proud …

And earlier this year Mon and Tracy (who couldn’t make it yesterday) celebrated Megz turning 50 …

But we forgot to take a photo this time around. Well, Megz took a photo of the food … priorities …

During the intervening years, we’ve all lead lives less ordinary in their own unique ways. We’ve all felt pretty overwhelmed at times by our difficult journeys, but we’ve survived with our senses of humour intact.

I am awed by everyone’s strength and spirit and kindness.

Among the good bits along the way have been our fabulous kids, one of us becoming Very Reverend, me being a magazine editor, Megan’s talent as an artist, Megz growing a kid who’s on her way to being a national swimmer and Mon’s daughter touring the world as a performer in Disney on Ice.

Here are some pics …

As we supped our noodles I noted that I thought our 50s would be a little less challenging than they’ve shaped up to be … I’d expected them to be the easier years … but we are all resilient woman who get back up again when we’re knocked down.

There were even dramas on the day, with a proposed pre-lunch tour of Christ Church Cathedral cancelled after a parishioner collapsed and copped a head wound. Paramedics were called and Katherine had to make an emergency dash to John Hunter Hospital.

As she noted on Messenger afterwards: “Life is never dull!”

Nope, it’s certainly not.

We’ve promised to try and organise to see each other more often, despite our busy lives.

And we all know we would always be there for each other if we needed to be.

I’m pretty lucky to still be in touch with friends I’ve known for such a long time, one since I was just four years old!

Do you ever catch up with childhood friends?

Song of the day:  Split Enz “Years go by”




8 thoughts on “We made it!

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  1. We r sooo lucky to all have each other still!! The support we can get from a phone call (or txt) to each other is amazing. & your support so amber can reach her swimming dreams is 1 neither of us can ever repay or will forget!
    Next year is the year of Kath & i have my fingers crossed she can join us for our next get together.

  2. My best friend, since we were three, is someone who has shared life’s ups and downs, marriages and kids. We are far removed physically from each other but we catch up whenever I’m in WA. Precious people these.

  3. I nearly chickened out, but so glad I didn’t. Wonderful to see you all again. So lucky to have such inspiring women as my friends, then and now.

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