I want it so bad

I peered in the windows of my dream house over the weekend.

The real estate agent’s ad describes it as “a modest circa 1912 Canadian red cedar residence steeped in historical significance and on the market for the first time in 80 years.”

That doesn’t make it sound like much, but the location is out of this world.

The ad goes on to say “the most secluded waterfront property on the Harbour, this sublime 6,600sqm (approx.) parcel represents a unique once in a lifetime opportunity in one of Sydney’s most coveted harbourside enclaves.”

It’s also heritage listed, falling down and you can only access it by foot – via a steep, rocky incline – or boat.

Getting down there wasn’t too bad, getting back up again almost gave me heart failure.

But, when I was standing on the front lawn admiring the pristine water view, nestled in bushland but only 15 minutes to the CBD, I was in heaven.

There are just a couple of very major problems: the fact you have to clamber or paddle there, that it needs a lot of work, and that it will probably go for a cool $3-6million.

Not small obstacles, but it would be so wonderful to sit and watch the sun rise and set on that verandah each day.

DD voiced concerns about rising sea levels when I told him about the place. I started to argue with him, then said “What does it matter? It’s not like I’m going to get it.”

Well, unless someone has a spare five mil lying around that they’d like to spot me.

I can’t stop thinking about the place. I’m thinking a golf cart track down from the road would be the go. I’ve also stared intently at the floor plan, working out how I’d renovate it … I’ve decided to stay within the very modest footprint of the building, but just move the living areas to the front to take advantage of the view. And I’ve been dreaming about how I’d decorate it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to renovate it and then buy new furniture like a grown up? Gawd knows how I’d get it there though … do furniture companies deliver by barge in Sydney?

That reminds me: how come I’m 50 and I still don’t have grown up furniture? I have a house full of IKEA and hand-me-downs.

I realised the second-hand thing goes for the kids as well. My parents were in Sydney over the weekend and we popped over to say goodbye to them yesterday morning. Both kids were wearing head-to-toe Vinnies, the eldest even had Vinnies shoes!

I should clarify that they like shopping at Vinnies … it’s not because I can’t afford to buy them clothes … well, it does ease the wallet pain when the denim shorts are only $8 …

Song of the day:  Macklemore “Thrift Shop”

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