That was pretty wicked

It took me four hours to collect my kid from art camp yesterday.

The things we do for love.

I battled the driving rain to Springwood in a journey made extra harrowing by the RTA’s decision that signage to the Blue Mountains isn’t necessary for the first eleventy seven thousand kilometres of the motorway. I was convinced I was heading to Woop Woop or Windsor.

Fortunately, I was on the right road. Unlike the return trip, which should have been a doddle … except the vague signage meant I missed the turn off and ended up on Parramatta Road in peak hour. Parramatta Road in peak hour is the opposite of a good outcome for your journey.

Anyways, back to the camp, which was for gifted and talented teenage artists in years 7 to 10.

The eldest was a bit lairy about being seen with me at first, but eventually introduced me to a new bestie called April, who hails from Bowral. I snuck a sneaky snap through the trees of them …

I also met our competition for HSC Art fame and glory – a lovely girl called Grace from Katoomba. Her major work from the three-day camp was the stuff of miracles and wonder …

Wow, huh?

I’m biased, but I reckon the eldest was up there though, definitely in the top 10. I sent my ex some photos from the final exhibition and he got quite emotional and said he can’t wait to frame the large painting on canvas.

Here are some of the eldest’s creations:


The eldest was a bit whatever when I asked how the camp went, but wrote on the questionnaire that they thought day two was “Pretty sick, liked charcoal, that was pretty wicked” and in summary said “Thanks guys, would come back if I get allowed 100%”

Also, one of the teachers told the eldest they looked like a young David Bowie – that compliment was very well received!

I don’t think the teacher would have been complimentary about the stench of the eldest’s feet on the loooooooong drive home. Apparently the same Docs and socks were worn continuously for three days – even in bed – and only removed in my car. Lordy, I almost asphyxiated and spent most of the trip breathing very shallowly with the window down and the rain spraying over me.

The eldest also didn’t sleep AT ALL on the second night – they were too busy gasbagging and watching sunrises, so wish me luck getting them out of bed this morning.

Ooops, better get onto that … catch ya!

Song of the day: Don McLean “Vincent” (a tribute to the most famous of redheads, Vincent Van Gogh, and one of his most famous works)



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