That’s the way you do it

Prosecco and duck schnitzel … is there a more Alana way to celebrate a fourth anniversary?

I don’t think so.

The night didn’t go entirely to plan. DD instructed me to pack two glasses and the bottle of Champagne we were gifted at our joint birthday party. Then we headed to a secret romantic destination – Mrs Macquarie’s Chair – to watch the sun set.

But the weather was against us.

Sooooo against us.

It’s been a torrential week – it feels like it’s going to rain FOREVER.

Fortunately, DD’s back up plan worked out just fine. He’s very good in a crisis.

Check out the CBD view he found … followed by a piece of crumbed ducky heaven in a Chippendale pub … with bonus creamy spaetzle …

Being Sydney’s Inner West, there was a mountain of kale in our bowl of seasonal greens, but we pushed it to one side and dug into the lesser of two evils: brussel sprouts.

DD also kept reaching across the table to eat all the peas in my spaetzle. I freaking HATE peas. He freaking LOVES them.

And so we’ve entered our 5th year together.

Speaking of differences … DD reckons he’s due a right of retort to my blog post on Friday. Apparently it was too one-sided, despite making him a bit misty eyed. I conveniently forget his exact words because I had two glasses of rose at the pub after my celebratory prosecco.

I reckon I’m safe from the he-said blog post – he’s waaaaay too busy to ever find the time to tap something out.

Poking the bear …

Song of the day: Salt n Pepa “Push it”

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