Partying like we’re 55

I hate to ruin the magic for you … but I DID NOT feel well after my fourth anniversary celebration.

It turns out drinking a glass of prosecco and two glasses of rose while scoffing fried Peking duck spring rolls and fried duck schnitzel isn’t the best idea when you have reflux.

Blergh. Make that bleeeeeerrrrrrgh.

Not to mention the shame of having reflux in the first place as a result of being squishy and oooooooooooooold.

Also, as the horrified youngest pointed out afterwards, I’d been to yum cha earlier that day, where I’d inhaled Peking duck pancakes AND roast duck.

I reckon that’s the better part of an entire fatty bird lodged in my belly …

Ooooooh I felt crook.

So I can’t say I was entirely pumped to go to the Patron Perfectionist cocktail making competition last night.

Patron margaritas sounded like a good idea at RSVP time, margaritas being DD’s favourite cocktail and all.

DD and I were feeling pretty knackered at 6pm as we caught a taxi into the city to the pop-up Bar Patron.

However, it was actually quite fun to be out together on a school night, sneaking pashes as the tequila kicked in.

I haven’t had much experience with tequila, but it turns out to be not a bad drop. I got to try all these cocktails … Literally … all these cocktails …

There were also lots of delicious nibbles served on corn chips and wrapped in soft tortillas.

And then we sat down to watch the cocktail competition itself, where they handed around samples of all the entries in little paper cups after the finalists had created them …

However, being the oldest people in the room by about 20 years meant we only made it to interval – halfway between the six bartenders competing – before admitting defeat and tottering into a cab home at around 8.30pm … oh the shame …

DD promptly collapsed in my bed for a nanna nap until 9.55pm, when he had to do a teleconference call for work.

Anyways, here are some photos, with sketchy captions in case you’re curious. Just click on one to open the gallery up.

The winner was the woman in the leopard-print jumpsuit, who works at a tiki bar in Adelaide and is a burlesque dancer in her spare time – now there’s an exotic life …

Also, and here’s a surprise (not), it turns out drinking multiple margaritas and eating a dinner completely comprised of blobs of stuff on corn chips isn’t good for reflux either … blergh …

Song of the day: Beach Boys “Kokomo” (from Cocktail)

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