Paying the price for love

How was your Father’s Day? I know it’s a tough one for a lot of people. I hope you made it through OK.

My family met in the middle-ish at Mooney Mooney Club for the Father’s Day set lunch.

It was lovely to be together, even though we were down two grandchildren. My youngest was doing the rounds of the NSW School Bands Festival with her tenor sax and my sister’s son was hanging with his dad.

The eldest decided to tag along with us and was very patient with my philosophizing/ranting on the way up about the insidious creep of totalitarianism in western society.

Mooney Mooney Club has the most gorgeous views of the Hawksbury River and we’ve had many a lovely lunch there, but blardy hell the place was a rip off on Father’s Day. The “share menu” included a few tablespoons of dip with some flatbread, some thin slices of fish, a stack of boring chicken kebabs, some shredded slow-cooked lamb, a small bowl of salad for the whole table, then dessert.

Hmmmmm. All for $85 a head. I’ve tried slicing and dicing that in my head every which way, but I can’t for the life of me work out how they decided on the pricing to customer satisfaction ratio.

Although it’s not like we worded them up on there being a problem.

Various smiling staff kept asking us how our meal was going and whether we’d enjoyed it. We mustered half smiles and nodded politely because we’re of UK ancestry and no one wants to make a fuss, do they?

But it’s safe to say we won’t be signing up for one of their set menus again.

That’s me with my brother in law and dad at lunch in the main pic.

My friend Hope has suggested we try a place at Mt White called Saddles (above) that looks awesome despite the suss name, so we might head there in a few weeks for my brother in law’s birthday.

DD also dropped off a gift for me:

I have been VERY tetchy this week. It’s even been waking me up – I’ll doze off and the damn tetch will shake me back to consciousness about an hour later. Then it takes FOREVER to get back to sleep again. I ended up reciting The Lord’s Prayer over and over and over again on Saturday night, which eventually did the trick.

But four hours sleep a night isn’t really a recipe for perkiness the next day. So the pattern repeats itself. Very chicken and egg.

Anyways, DD teckons it’s time to wash the grumpiness away. His funny gift plus lots of hugging (and maybe a glass or two of red wine) helped. I felt much better when I hit the sack last night.

Yep, I’ve got this.

Hello Monday, what do you have in store for me?

Bring it. I’m ready.

Song of the day: Sister Sledge “We are family”

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