My introspective heart

It was a full heart – and eyes – kind of weekend for me.

Have you seen the episode of Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney? Heaps of people have shared it on my Facebook feed and I cried the whole way through it on Saturday afternoon.

I was a bit startled by the level of emotion it provoked.

Two comments summed it up for me. A muso bloke I know wrote: “The tears trickled as Paul told the story behind Let It Be. By the time he and the band rocked the pub the trickle became a torrent. But not sad tears – good tears, tears of joy.”

Another friend said: “With do much genuinely awful and dispiriting news about, the looks of the fans’ faces towards the end is genuinely lovely.”

Yes! Or, as The Beatles sang … Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I tried to work out why it prompted me to weep so much. I think it was a combination of Paul McCartney – a Beatle! – still being alive and so dynamic at 76; together with James Corden having such an incredible opportunity to sing those duets with him; and Let It Be being one of the best and most moving songs ever written; and the fact that it gave such joy to fans – from twentysomethings to seventysomethings – who experienced it in real life.

Isn’t it incredible that The Beatles’ music has resonated for so long with so many people? The eldest loves many of their songs, such as Hey Jude, which recently turned 50. Hey Jude really doesn’t sound like a 50-year-old song.

Just in case you haven’t seen the episode …

And then I headed out to see Priscilla the Musical. My ex got me four tickets for Mother’s Day, so I took the kids and my sister. I schmicked up for the occasion, but I really didn’t need to bother – geez the Capitol Theatre is in a seedy part of town, not helped by the mess that is the light rail project.

If I never walk the lower end of George Street again my life will be none the poorer for it.

The Capitol Theatre is a gorgeous venue though – so over-the-top and old-worldy. And all the statues were wearing feather boas in honour of Priscilla!

Being the ultimate over-planner/panicker, I got us there vastly early. The youngest was crook as Rookwood with a bad cold and not thrilled to be there vastly early, perched on a stool in the foyer, watching my sister sip a terrible daiquiri.

Tip: do not order cocktails at the Capitol Theatre, stick to sparkling wine.

I also got a lecture from youngest after making her pose with the terrible daiquiri about how inappropriate it was for a minor to be photographed with alcohol.

It’s a bit off putting when the 12-year-old is the grown-up.

Look at that poor, sick little face.

Priscilla was a lively bit of fun for a Saturday night. The songs are awesome and so is the staging – the Priscilla bus is perfection. And I loved warbling along to “Finally” and “It’s raining men”.

I’m also a sucker for the emu costumes, they make me giggle uncontrollably every time. The pic below is them in the original movie (geez the cast were amazing in that).

We walked out of Priscilla on a high … well, the youngest’s was slightly Codral induced.

My sister had also watched Paul McCartney’s Carpool Karaoke earlier that day and we did a bit of bonding over how many tears we both shed. Then the eldest played us “Twist and Shout” via the car stereo on the way home and we sang along together as we drove across the Harbour Bridge.

Bulk fun.

Yesterday was waaaaaay quieter. The eldest woke crook as Rookwood too, so both kids spent the day in bed and I made clear chicken soup as food medicine. In the afternoon, after I’d dosed the youngest up on Clarityne D, I got her to do her online anti-doping training for the World Skipping Championships.

Slightly ironic …

The training was epic, it took about 90 minutes and involved disturbing explanations of the drug testing and how if you need to be naked from your torso to your knees while you wee in front of the officials.

At 6pm, both poorly kids hopped into the car to head to their dad’s place.

And I drove DD to the airport so we could steal a few minutes together. He’s in Japan and Korea for the week for work. I will miss him. We really need some slow time together.

I may have cried a tiny bit on the way home to my empty house  – I’m blaming it on hormones …

How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Priscilla Queen of the Desert “Finally”


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