That was a fail

The youngest had a school band performance last night.

Normally I’d bake something for the fundraiser stall and volunteer to help on the night while proudly watch the performance.

But I had a parenting clash and baking issues … so I couldn’t do any of those things.

Rewinding to Tuesday night: life gets pretty frantic in single mum world, so I didn’t get dinner on the table until about 7.45pm, after dropping Team Teal home from skipping practice.

Post-dinner, I poked around in the cupboard for ingredients I could cobble together to make something for the stall.

There were some white chocolate melts, so I decided to make chocolate muffins with white choc chips. Except there was no milk, so I used cream.

Turns out cream doesn’t work that well. The muffins were a bit crumbly and cookies ‘n’ cream coloured and I decided they weren’t worthy of sale.

But geez I’d made a mess in the failed process.

I put a load of crap in the dishwasher and went to bed, waking up the next morning to a text from DD – who’d just landed at the airport – asking if he could have a shower at my place on his way to see his accountant.


Yes …  no! Sigh, OK …

I had two kids to hustle out of the house before 7.30am, a squalid bathroom and a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

Cue massive panic as I raced around trying to hide as much mess as possible, accidentally leaving out a towel for DD with a massive hole in it as I dashed to work.

Dashing to work was required because I needed to be there at 8am – and skip lunch – to ensure I could leave at 3.30pm to be at an appointment with the eldest.

I also arranged for a lovely school mum agreed to drop the youngest to the band performance at 5.30pm to avoid her struggling through the rain and darkness.

My jaw ached a bit yesterday from all the stress clenching it did.

After the appointment with the eldest, we swung by a burger place to grab a quick dinner, where I made the mistake of ordering deep-fried pickles as a side.

They were delicious, so I didn’t immediately realise they were a mistake …

Then I bolted to the youngest’s high school, just in time to see her first band perform … and to make a shame-faced apology to the mum who runs fundraising for the band, promising to help out next time.

It was around then that the full force of the deep-fried pickle mistake hit me. I went Hulk green as it felt like something from Alien was going to burst from my stomach.

I was pretty wrecked when I got home at 8.30pm. It felt like 10.30pm.

But I’d promised to edit a blog post for one of DD’s colleagues.

It started off talking about something called “The Cancer Moon Shot” … and so my Google adventure in sub-editing began …

It was 10.30pm – but felt like 12.30pm – when that journey finally ended.

And now it’s Groundhog Day … gotta go do the early-morning band-school run all over again.


Song of the day: Dolly Parton & Melissa Etheridge “9 to 5”


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