Love will tear your hair out

The youngest is heading to the 2018 Australian Rope Skipping Championships today … without me.

My ex and I decided to divide and conquer. He gets Canberra for Nationals, I get Shanghai for Worlds.

My end of the deal sounds glam, but I’m thinking I’d rather have Canberra. It’s only four days and two and a half hours drive away, instead of 10 days and 10 hours flight away.

Hashtag first world problems. Tune the violins.

Anyways, the youngest is going to a special Team Australia Day training camp this arvo at the Australian Institute of Sport. It’s designed to unite Team Australia and allow them to bond, learn and socialise collectively before heading overseas as a national squad in July.

Skipping Australia has put together a program for the athletes, coaches and officials that will include strength training, sports chiropractic, sports psychology, injury prevention and management; sport focussed nutrition and Worlds Team Training. Very fancy!

I’m also feeling a bit sad to be missing out on watching Team Teal perform at Nationals. I’ve been catching glimpses of their four-person double dutch routine at training – if they get a good run on the day, it will be fab.

Instead of cheering from the sidelines, I was supposed to be hanging around in Sydney for a rainy long weekend of bonding with the eldest.

But the eldest is unexpectedly heading to a friend’s house on the Central Coast for a few days.

My stress levels went through the roof as I ran interference between the eldest and my ex to negotiate the terms of the agreement to leave the city.

And I can’t blame deep fried pickles for my nausea this time.

My anxiety levels weren’t helped by the youngest leaving it until 9pm last night to pack and then not being able to find her team T-shirt to wear. I was still throwing things around like mad woman’s poopy at 10.30pm last night trying to find the fricking thing.

But nup, it’s disappeared. The youngest is pretending to be balanced about it … however, there’s a high risk of tears in the next half hour (hers and mine).

Meanwhile, I’m grumpy that DD’s personal trainer spends more time with him than me. No fair!

Geez the solo parenting gig while working full-time makes it difficult to have a love life. There’s been a massive cuddle deficit over the past fortnight – I miss them, they’re my Rescue Remedy.

The week started out all unicorns, rainbows and The Wonder Stuff, but I’ve ended it feeling a little foot stampy and frustrated. Not enough sleep, not enough fun, too much teen and pre-teen angst and soooooo much kid run around.

I’m sure something nice will happen over the weekend. It always does.

Hope you have something fun planned for your three-day break … if you’re lucky enough to get one.

Song of the day: Joy Division “Love will tear us apart”

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