Thinking the worst

I woke up yesterday with a stiff finger.

That sounds rude …

Sadly, it’s the opposite – I’m terrified it’s  arthritis.

It’s my index finger on my right hand and it’s sore and swollen around the middle joint.

Can arthritis start in just one finger?

Aside from it being very blah to have arthritis, it’s confirmation I’m oooooold. Thank you Universe for the thoughtful 50th birthday present.

It’s probably not garden variety arthritis either. My dad has rheumatoid arthritis, which is both hideous and hereditary.

I REALLY don’t want that.

The only other explanation is that it’s RSI, as it’s my mouse finger.

Why does it sound rude every time I say “finger”? Well, except if I say Scotch Finger, then it just sounds delicious …

Speaking of rude, I gave my 11-year-old daughter the finger last week. It was an automatic, unconscious action and I was sooooo horrified. As was the 11-year-old, who squealed! “Mum! You made a RUDE sign at me!”

Argh! Don’t tell anyone … oh … I just told everyone …

Anyways, back to my stiff finger. It was very ouchy yesterday as I tried to use my mouse with a dodgy digit.

I’d been feeling quite composed about turning 50, but now I’ve gone wonky: if I have arthritis in my finger what’s next?

That menopause business better stay right away because I’m having none of it.

I had a drink with friends the other night and they were discussing their hot flushes – or is it flashes?  It was a bit confronting since one of them is only 45. I’m well overdue for some sweaty action of the not-fun variety. But so far so good.

Knocking on every bit of wood I can find …

Song of the day: Mamamia “Slipping through my fingers”

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  1. I woke up this morning with stiff hands. I’m pretty sure it’s arthritis. I definitely get RSI in my thumb when I use the laptop too much as well. My handwriting has deteriorated over the years and I can’t take the lids off things. Such fun getting old.

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