Inner conflict

Playing “I Spy” for two hours really takes it out of you.

Especially when you’re on the Newcastle to Sydney freeway where there’s not much other than gum trees beginning with G or T …

The youngest accidentally left her phone at her dad’s house on Tuesday morning and has been device free ever since. It’s been a little intense.

It’s reminded me of the power of the electronic babysitter. And I find myself a little conflicted by it – much like I am by those “Wine Mummy” memes that clutter up Facebook.

I’m becoming increasingly disturbed that society thinks parenting requires wine … while also being a parent who … requires wine. Not necessarily because I’m a parent but, still, tricky. I flinch a little each time I see a new mummy-binge-drinking meme.

Anyways, that’s a discussion for another day. Today it’s about the electronic babysitter.

I’ve seen much more of the youngest over the past week. She normally totters home from her hectic whirl of high school, jazz band rehearsals, junior ensemble rehearsals, skipping coaching and skipping training and crashes in bed to stare at trashy TV on her phone.

Instead she’s been forced to watch the Winter Olympics with me while balancing on her Fit Ball in 500 million different positions and entreating me to “Watch this one, Mum!” 500 million times.

We drove up to Newcastle on Saturday to have lunch with my mum and dad. Dad is gearing up for major surgery in a few weeks and isn’t very mobile. The eldest has a virus, so was left behind as a germ mitigation strategy.

On the drive back to Sydney, I was given a choice between playing 20 Questions or I Spy. I decided I Spy would be less taxing. I wasn’t quite counting on two hours of it.

I was pretty punch drunk by the time I finally turned into the driveway. So I ordered takeaway pizza for dinner and accidentally typed two Hershey’s dessert cookies into the electronic form instead of one. Diet schmiet.

And then I collapsed on the couch for a bit of ice dancing and Fit Ball balancing viewing.

I may have gotten slightly snappy when I was interrupted for the 10th time during the hot Spanish ice dancer’s long form routine by the balancing blonde insisting I turn my attention to her …

Until I remembered I’d offered to make 24 cupcakes for an intensive band workshop at the high school the next day. And then I felt snappy on a whole different level.

Noooooo! Yeeeeeesssss! Arrrrrrgghhhh!

They were not my finest work. But the youngest and I got through it together – she offered to help since there was no phone to mesmerise her. To her horror (“Don’t tell anyone they’re ours!”) we made girly vanilla ones with pink icing and lots of pink sugar and pink hearts and pink glittery balls on top. Apparently too kiddie for high school (but they were hoovered down).

Yesterday, I found myself missing the intensive workshop that is the youngest without her phone. The house was pretty quiet without her buzzing around in it. She was gone from 8.45am to 3.30pm, then went straight to a double training session for skipping in the lead up to Worlds, before heading off to her dad’s for two nights to resume her love affair with her phone.

No more extended “I Spy Sessions”; but no more kiddo wanting to hang out with me either  …

Hence my inner conflict.

How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Japan “I second that emotion”




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