Lots of painful stuff

I have many things to tell you about my weekend.

But I am going to start with where it ended: dropping DD to the airport. He’s off to the UK for a meeting. Geez, the sooner someone patents my idea of virtual meeting rooms the richer companies will be.

I was very, very sad to drop DD to the airport again so soon. He’s gone this time for almost two weeks, as he’s following the meeting with a holiday in Spain with his daughters.

That’s a loooooong time until his arms are around me again.

But we got to squeeze in some fun stuff together before he left.

We had lunch with my kids and his mum at one of my favourite restaurants – New Shanghai – on Saturday. Their stir-fried rice cake with pork and XO sauce is one of my all-time favourite dishes.

On Saturday night we to see Dan Sultan as part of the Twilight At Taronga series of concerts. Taronga Zoo is the most amazing place to see a gig. The sun was gorgeously setting as Dan took to the stage and fireworks started (coincidentally) going off near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Magical.

We also ran into one of my dear old friends, Jodie, who is a huge Dan fan.

I was thrilled to see her as I wasn’t sure we were going to catch up before she heads to Jordan to fight for access to her son.

Jodie is commencing legal action in the Sharia Court to apply for her parental rights of her little boy, who is being kept in Jordan by his father. She’s been without her son for two years now, trying to negotiate with her ex-husband. Her son was born in Australia and lived here until he was 6 years old – he’s now 9 – and the only contact she’s had with him are a few Skype calls in that time.

Jodie’s best friend has launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her. While the Australian Government are assisting with the legal fees, any additional funds she can raise will be a huge help during what will be a tough and possibly long battle.

Jodie told me she realised the hope of seeing her son again is all she has been holding on to for the past two and a half years.

“Without this hope, I’m gone. It’s just that simple.”

Here’s the link to her page. 

I’m not the world’s greatest hugger, but I tried to give her my best squeezy one on Saturday.

It breaks my heart that so many people I care about have been estranged from their kids by adversarial ex partners who don’t see the harm they are doing to their children.

No good comes of hate and anger in parenting.

We had a great night at Dan. He puts on a bloody great show.

And then yesterday afternoon I headed up to the Northern Beaches to be an unofficial Uber driver for DD. I’d been planning to have a lovely dip in the surf too, but the beach was covered in bluebottles.

DD tried to entice me in – insisting the water was clear – but I will never, ever forget the four hours of bloody curdling screams I endured when the youngest was stung by a bluebottle at age 4. I just have to glimpse one of the bastards and the water is a no-go zone for me.

DD was a bit pouty and went for a brief swim without me before declaring it wasn’t as much fun on his own, so we went for a beach walk instead and found all these bizarre little sea creatures scattered among the bluebottles …

I asked my Facebook community what the frondy one was and discovered it was a Blue Dragon Sea Slug. After I Googled “Blue Dragon Sea Slug” I was doubly happy I didn’t go for a swim because they might be pretty, but they are vicious little buggers.

Blue dragons (Glaucus atlanticus) are a species of nudibranch sea slug found in most tropical and temperate oceans. They like to feed on bluebottles and absorb their stinging cells, which they store in their own tissue to use against predators – or any humans who pick them up.


Then we hot-footed it to the airport, I drove back home, and a bit later DD sent me the plane menu so we could decide what we would order if we were travelling together. It’s one of our weird little traditions when he’s away.

I went for the Prawn & Coriander Croquettes with Spicy Dressing and Salsa. He was thinking about the Hot Arabic Mezze (he’s flying Qatar).

I miss him very much already.

How was your weekend? Any weird encounters? Would you have gone in the water with all those freaky blue things on the sand? I still don’t know what that blue blobby one is … do you?

Song of the day: Elton John “I guess that’s why they call it the blues”





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  1. 1st weekend in the cottage. 100 years old but brand new to us. Bloody beautiful. Buggered shoulder and mountains of meds and a very quiet time after the madness of moving week. Those blue things look deadly to me. I would have scarpered away. Hope your DD free time skips by quickly.

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