I still can’t quite believe it

Two Qantas “travel documents” arrived in my inbox yesterday afternoon.

They’re our flight itineraries for the World Skipping Championships. The youngest and I head to Shanghai on July 23.

Every now and then a wave of “I can’t quite believe it” washes over me when I think about my kids and the unique talents they’ve developed.

I am very proud of them both: one is an artist, the other a skipper. They do amazing things with their chosen passions.

It’s such a buzz to know I had a hand in their genetic make-up, even though I show absolutely no skill in either of their areas of expertise (and neither does their dad!).

I was quite giddy when I watched a fundraiser video Team Teal have made that shows off their tricks in iconic Sydney locations such as Circular Quay, the Botanic Gardens and Bondi.

It’s on GoFundMe – they are hoping to raise money for the trip. I feel a bit guilty about giving you a GoFundMe link – please don’t think I’m hitting you up for cash. But I felt I needed to share the link, since the kids – and their coach Rupina – went to so much trouble to film the video.

Click here to take a look.  

Thank you so much to all the kind people who have donated already and shared the link to their Facebook page. I am very touched by your support. Any donations are a total bonus, but very welcome – travelling to Shanghai in the middle of a Chinese summer to watch skipping for 10 days wasn’t really on my bucket list of things to spend money on.

What I’d really like to be setting up a GoFundMe page for is a new deck so my French doors don’t open onto a 1.5m sheer drop.

But bless her, the youngest has battled her way to Worlds and has the official tracksuit to prove it!

Watching the GoFundMe video blows my mind a little. Look at them go!

I’m a little worried about all the damage they’re doing to their knees, but what the hell …

Their head coach recently met with the International Olympic Committtee in Tokyo, he’s campaigning to have skipping recognised as an official sport. Can you image … the Olympics!

I am the least likely person to have created someone who may one day qualify for the Olympics.

I can kinda understand having created an introverted arty type, I mean, even my dad described me as an “odd bod” in my 21st birthday speech …

But the kid with the swishy blonde ponytail, sporting skills and fearless approach to social interaction … she’s just plain weird.

I have absolutely no expectations for Shanghai other than having a fun, fascinating time, particularly if the other skipping mums and I manage to slip out of the gymnasium every now and then and see a few sites.

And, of course, I’ll regale you with our adventures and happy snaps when we return.

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