A bit of mid-week magic

It’s not every Tuesday night that you catch a ferry to a little island in the middle of Sydney Harbour for dinner with friends, watch a storm roll in and then marvel at the most incredible sunset.

But that was my Tuesday night.

My Tuesday nights normally involve leaving work early to grab a posse of kids from a carpark opposite their school and transport them to various skipping and art lessons, head home to do a bit more work, head back to collect them all from their various skipping and art lessons and drop them to their various homes, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, collapse on the couch for a few minutes then go to bed.

Last night DD – bless his sweet heart – drove 45 minutes to my house to take me to Woolwich Pier, where we caught the aforementioned ferry to Cockatoo Island for a reunion dinner with the Bridal Party Gang (refresher: bride and groom Darren and Kirsten got married forever ago and Ian, Lindy and I were bridesmaids and groomsmen).

Darren and Kirsten have rented one of the historic houses on the island for a little school holidays escape and they invited us over to check it out. (Actually, I kinda invited myself over to check it all out …)

The Bridal Party Gang don’t usually get together so frequently because we all have pretty busy lives, but we’ve seen each other three times in three months – first in the Hunter Valley for Kirsten’s birthday weekend, then in Newcastle for Kirsten and Darren’s Christmas party and now on Cockatoo Island.

It was such a fun night. Thank you so much Kirsten and Darren for the most fabulous evening and the delicious barbecue dinner.

Sadly, we had to leave early because DD had a work call, but it was a very special way to spend a few hours.

Click on the first pic to open the gallery and read the captions.

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