I wanna win

Did you win anything in the Melbourne Cup yesterday?

I struck out in the office sweep.

I know someone who owns a horse that ran in the Cup this year – ooooh errrr! –  so they were trackside and absolutely hyper with excitement. They missed out on placing in the top three, but I’d imagine it was pretty amazing to be part of the action.

After the race, I ducked to the newsagent for a few lottery tickets and then headed home to get two tix in the latest YourTown lottery. I am totally hanging to do some renovating, so I need a win ’cause it ain’t happening otherwise.

I want to move my bedroom into the TV room and enclose the back verandah and landscape … oh and lots of other things.

Fingers crossed, though I know my chances are zilch on all fronts! But a girl’s gotta dream.

Yesterday was a little hectic because it was also my nephew’s 16th birthday. We go to a scruffy local teppanyaki place every year that looks like it should give you food poisoning but never does.

It’s always a lovely gathering that includes lots of extended family – this year it was my nephew’s remarried mum and dad and their partners, my nephew’s new little brother (SUCH a cutie), his paternal grandmother, me, the youngest and DD. The eldest was crook on the couch. (And I’ve come down with it overnight too – I feel very blerg.)

It’s wonderful that the grown ups can all be grown ups and celebrate together – the kids love it. I think it’s about the fifth year in a row we’ve gathered at the restaurant to sing happy birthday to my nephew.

So even if we’re not winning the lottery, I reckon that’s a score for positive parenting.

Teppanyaki is a lot of fun, even when you get covered in fried egg that you fail to catch in your mouth. I am very bad at catching egg in my mouth. But I managed to do it last night and fist pumped victoriously afterwards. I think everyone was a bit shocked … I’m a renowned klutz … but I do have a rather big mouth …

Song of the day: Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue “Kids”


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