It’s rubbing off

My 11-year-old constantly dazzles me with her positive attitude.

She has terrible eczema and associated nasty allergies, but that doesn’t stop her being one of the most glass-half-full people I know.

I’m also awed by her ability to engage with just about anyone and ask them thoughtful, interested questions.

While I was in the Hunter Valley over the weekend, she sent me a photograph of what she’d been doing – painting stuff at a local fair …

I smiled so hard when I saw the words on that little canvas. “I love life” pretty much sums her up.

Oh she doesn’t love everything about life. She hates – and would prefer never to visit again  – Sydney CBD because it smells and is too busy. She doesn’t like going to the cinema because it’s too noisy. And there’s a very long list of foods that aren’t her favourite, but generally she’s a bouncy ball of good vibes.

I think it’s rubbing off on me. I woke up yesterday in my silent, empty house and felt cheerful rather than blah.

I also grinned my way through the day feeling very cloud nine. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I had a rather fabulous weekend away.

And I’m having one of the up weeks of my roller coaster hormonal cycle.

And it’s almost Christmas.

And I ran barefoot in a paddock surrounded by kangaroos on Saturday.

And the kids unexpectedly turned up at my place yestetday afternoon because their dad had to do a TV interview for The Drum.

And I went for a long, lovely night walk with my friend Mel.

I mean, how can you be frowny with all that good stuff in your life?

I’m possibly a bit old to be wearing a T-shirt like the one I’m sporting in the main pic of this blog post. but the slogan kinda sums me up at the moment too.

I’m high on the loving life drug.

I also love a plan and yesterday I sorted my New Year’s Eve. It’s going to be low-key but fun, with great friends and the most awesome view of Sydney Harbour. All for just $60 a ticket.


There will be challenges and blah bits ahead – there always are in life – but I’m going to remember these good vibes next time the turkeys – or bills – get me down and know the sun will come out tomorrow.

I’ve come a long way from the days when I wanted to pop a “happy pill” to confirm what the emotion felt like.

i know.

What are you feeling buzzed about this week?

Song of the day: Roxy Music “Love is the drug”


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  1. Hi Alanna, as someone who has eczema and struggled with it as a child, I wanted to let you know of a recent “fix” I have found. I have seen many alternative practitioners over the years and tried lots of things as I am sure you have done with your youngest – so just add this to the list. A cup of keffir a day. I would also recommend a Vit C/Zinc combination that comes as a powder that you take a teaspoon of in water a day (after food otherwise you feel nauseous). Could work? Could be worth a try? And its not too hard to do as you can buy keffir at most supermarkets now 🙂 Seems that it is all about the gut. Just thought I would share as it has changed my life. xx

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