Over too soon

I’m sitting at Perth Airport waiting to fly home, feeling a little sad to leave a place I really haven’t had a chance to explore properly.

We arrived on Sunday evening and wandered to a local pub for a dodgy marinated lamb pizza (it tasted a bit like the marinade was toothpaste) and a few glasses of rose.

They must pour their glasses waaaaaaaay bigger in Perth than Sydney because I was pretty smashed after three of them (I thought I only had two, but DD set me straight when I sobered up). Proper judgement went out the window and I decided it would be cool to post photos of my toes on Facebook. I then completely forgot I’d done it until a few people were kind enough to “like” the weird foot shot the next morning.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza, which has the most awesome view of the Swan River. Our room had a lovely balcony – site of the toe shot – which made working from the hotel room the next day much easier to take.

At midday, DD swept me off to the city under false pretences. He promised lunch, but by the time he got a haircut and some new Target undies for his fancy board member photo shoot that afternoon, it was getting pretty tight on time and he offered a date in a food court instead.

I got the hump and grumbled that my one and only Perth lunch was NOT going to be in a food court and insisted we go to Le Vietnam instead. It’s a trendy little Banh Mi place and the meatball rolls are DELISH. We sat outside in the sun watching the locals wander by and inhaling our yummy food. DD agreed it was an excellent choice. MUCH better than a food court.

Then it was back to the grindstone on my computer until I was whisked to the fancy dinner at the Chairman’s house. As previously mentioned, DD vetoed my leopard print kaftan in favour of a demure Leona Edmiston black and white number. I thought a leopard-print kaftan would be very Perth, a touch of Eileeen Bond, but oh well …

I behaved myself fairly well at dinner. Just an enthusiastic retelling of the “I’m Gaye” story to a startled board member wife called Gaye and a mildly eyebrow raising tale that had the whole table staring at me a little wide-eyed over dessert.

I decided it wasn’t really a triceratops crowd, so DD was hardly embarrassed by me at all.

The Chairman’s house had an incredible backyard with a pool and tennis court and lots of lovely local sparkling wine from a vineyard called Thompson’s was served.

There were also a few rousing speeches about The Perkins Institute’s amazing work in the fight to cure cancer.

And then our visit was over and I’m flying back to the real world.

Hopefully I’ll get invited to Perth as a plus one again soon …

Here are some happy snaps. Hopefully you can work out what they all are because I’m still wrestling with the whole gallery-via-phone thing ….

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