Envy is a curse

Or is it jealous that’s a curse? It’s so hot – I can’t think straight.

It was still 32C in my neck of the woods when I got home after 10pm last night.

Thirty two freaking degrees!

I was deeply envious of the hum of my neighbours’ air-conditioning unit as I trudged past it to put the bins out.

I also envied my sister’s house. There’s always a breeze on her back deck … not to mention a pool and spa beside it.

Not all my envy was heat related.

As I disconsolately pushed my trolley through the local shopping centre yesterday, I ran into a happy couple I know. Bless them. It’s funny the things you envy: a couple heading to Woolies to do their grocery shopping together.

Who’d have thought that would strike such a nerve?

DD and I steal a few hours together a couple of times a week. Work and kids don’t allow for much more. I can’t remember the last time we had a whole day with each other.

There isn’t time to do much ordinary stuff together. Sometimes I deeply yearn for it.

What we did get to do last night was plunge into the waves at the beach. We sat on the sand drinking cider as a brief storm sent cool rain pouring down, then we plunge into the waves again.



DD had also picked up a bottle of my favourite quaffer – Kellermeister Alicante Bouchet – to sip on the deck while he barbecued some skewered meat for me. That was pretty nice too.


But it’s a brief escape from real life. And real life is such a bloody grind on your own.

As I recall, it’s also a grind as a couple. But it’s a grind that’s shared.

Ah, what AM I talking about? We’re probably better off just having those lovely few hours that are free of the grind and are about transcending the everyday.

Grass is always greener and all that.

Perhaps I should stick to envying the next door neighbours’ air-con … Damn them.

Is the weather absolutely feral around your way? 

Song of the day: The Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want”

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