Did that REALLY happen? Nah!

There are vast swathes of my life that have a weird mythical quality to them. They can’t possibly have happened to me. They belong to another person’s life.

The person who feels more “real” is the suburban single mum who worries about paying her bills, adores swimming in the ocean, is rediscovering love and can’t remember the last time she bought something “nice” for herself at the shops.

Was I REALLY the editor of Woman’s Day magazine? Nah, I must have imagined it.

Did I REALLY live in Singapore for two years? That was someone else.

What about the year I spent living in New York? Come off it!

Did my husband REALLY leave me three years ago?

Actually, that one feels a little too real, though I’ll never get my head around the ugly mess.

… And then there’s the year I spent as an editor at Mamamia.

What the? That seems totally surreal. But I know it happened because there’s a press release floating in the ether about it. This is what it says:

iVillage Australia has appointed Alana House to the position of Editor.

Alana has 20 years experience in women’s media and has worked on a wide variety of titles, from young women’s lifestyle magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan, to high-fashion title Harper’s Bazaar and weekly magazine, Woman’s Day.

“I am thrilled to join the iVillage team and to bring my publishing experience in the women’s mass market to such a big player in the digital world,” Ms House said.

“Leading the team charged with growing this iconic brand’s Australian audience is a tremendous opportunity.”

Publisher of Mamamia and iVillage Australia, Mia Freedman says that Alana is one of the few magazine editors who has successfully made the transition from print to online.

“After Alana left magazines, I’ve watched her develop her own blog and enthusiastically embrace digital and social media,” said Ms Freedman.

“The decades of women’s lifestyle content experience Alana brings to iVillage is unmatched in the market.

With Managing Editor Lana Hirschowitz, Alana has the right mix of skills to take charge of iVillage and help further build its presence in the Australian market.”

I was sure I’d never see Mia Freedman again when I left Mamamia … but fate tends to like messing with me.

Mia has been booked to be the guest speaker at a Women in drinks International Women’s Day event the drinks association is organising on March 8. I’m doing all the pre-promotion of the event, will be wafting around taking photos on the day itself, then I’ll do all the post-event coverage.

Now that will feel totally bizarre. But, as the saying goes, you can’t escape your past …

Are there bits of your “old” life you can’t quite believe actually happened?

Song of the day: Alanis Morissette “Ironic” (The James Corden update)

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