Just. Too. Much

When my ex walked out he took virtually nothing with him. I’ve been left with 23 years of our accumulated “life.”

And most of it is covered in a thick later of dust following my mini renovation.

And I’m over it.

Everyone keeps advising me on how I should cut and cull and clear.

That’s all very well, but I’m a bit daunted.

Everything has some sort of sentimental significance. Not because of HIM, but because it has history.

For example, I’m still using my grandmother’s threadbare tea towels because, well, they’re my grandmother’s threadbare tea towels. And they remind me of standing in her carpeted kitchen drying the dishes after her Sunday roast dinners.

And those memories are so precious.

I’ve also inherited the most rag-tag collection of her knick-knacks and furniture. Can’t throw any of that out either.

Then there’s the kitchen stuff. I thought I’d finally packed it all into my new cupboards … but, no, I’ve discovered five more garbage bags in the garage.


There is no more space.

But I can’t possibly get rid of the waffle maker or the churros maker or the gingerbread maker or the popcorn makers or the pie maker or the omelette maker …

I’m a total sucker for a gadget, my eyes went all wide and starry when I saw a donut maker at Kmart the other day … a donut maker! I mean, I don’t even like donuts that much … well, I have very fond memories of those cinnamon and sugar dusted hot ones at Kotara Fair … but those cold, iced modern ones … meh.

Still, a donut maker!

Hmmmm, I sound like a nutjob.

I’ll end up on the front page of the Daily Tele, won’t I, as the owner of one of those houses that the council has to forcibly clear out after the neighbours keep complaining.

Oddly, I loved moving to New York with just a couple of suitcases and starting a new life with virtually nothing. It was so blissfully freeing.

I don’t feel blissfully free right now. I feel grubby and tired and OVER IT.

As I look around, I can see there are literally weeks of cleaning and sorting to go.

It’s a little gobsmacking, considering how much clearing out and chucking we did when we were selling the family home.

Is it the same at your place? Are you a hoarder?

Song of the day: Garbage “Stupid girl”





9 thoughts on “Just. Too. Much

  1. Wish I could come and help you! I’m a tosser but my husband is a hoarder. Having cleaned up three estates I’m determined not to leave a mess when I pop off! Recommend Freecycle. I just culled scarves and rehomed approximately 30. Feels sooo good. If in doubt throw it out.

    • Oh, I know what you mean about not leaving a mess when you pop off. I’m determined to eventually get there, since my dream is a sparsely furnished apartment in my older years!

  2. Get a dissociative mental health disorder you quickly chuck anything and everything because you loose all emotional connection to lots of things.
    Can you instead of using all the tea towels and things like that get them made into a quilt I know that is kind of odd but you get to keep the things that mean something to you but repurpose them.
    You will get there xoxo

    • I actually use the tea towels as tea towels, so they’re probably not the biggest problem. It’s more all the china bits and bobs and furniture I inherited that doesn’t fit in the new house.

  3. Wait. You have a churros maker? Niiice. But what’s a gingerbread maker? Trying to figure out how a gadget makes gingerbread specifically.

    But yes. I’m terribly sentimental and have kept everything in my life. I have shoeboxes of cards from childhood, pieces from my dead grandmother-in-law’s dinner set (whom I never met) and my five year old’s umbilical cord stump (stored nicely in a sterile urine specimen jar). So who’s the bigger nutjob?

    Our “study” door is permanently shut lest the piles of crap come tumbling out. We moved to a bigger house and it’s made no difference. Still no room for everything.

    In desperation, I bought that Japanese tidying book earlier this year. The object is to go through every item in your house, hold it in your hand, and see if it “sparks joy”. If it doesn’t, chuck it. I am slooowly getting through stuff, but the door of the study remains shut.

    • The gingerbread maker is cool. It has gingerbread man shaped bits in it complete with eyes, smiles and buttons, you use the cutter provided to cut out the dough, then you stick them in the gingerbread man shaped bits and voila, a few minutes later you have fresh gingerbread!

    • Oh Linda, that’s super easy, even easier than taking the time to make a nasty comment! You just go to the right hand side of the blog where it says “You are following this blog (manage).” and it will take you through the steps to unfollow. Best wishes.

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