Our vibrant Naples neighbourhood

Our Naples hotel, Il Convento, is in a great part of the city. It’s a block into the Spanish Quarter, right near the bustling Via Toledo.

Via Toledo is full of boutiques and buskers and market stalls and thousands of boisterous, strolling locals.

Our backstreet is crammed with little shops selling fresh fruit, seafood, deli items and meat.

I was feeling like such a local as I wandered back to our hotel yesterday morning with a parcel of washing under my arm, after picking up some gel for the eldest’s sore back at a nearby pharmacy … Until I rubbed some of it on her, checked the instructions and realised it was eczema cream … So much for nailing it …

Needless to say, eczema cream didn’t help the eldest’s crook back AT ALL, though the upside is that I’ve bought enough of the stuff in Italy to last the youngest until she’s 18.

Speaking of the youngest, we left the invalid eldest at the hotel while we went on two adventures yesterday: the morning was spent wandering around the historic district, while the afternoon was passed at the museum looking at all the treasures from Pompeii.

I was a little sad about all the mosaics that had been dug out of Pompeii and put in the museum … A bit like the way I feel about cut flowers.

But it was still fascinating to see them.

I had to leave the youngest on a chair outside one part of the museum thought – the erotic wing. After initially hesitating – then deciding I was being a prude – I took her in. But then I saw all the frescoes offering brothel patrons ideas on sexual positions they could choose and hustled her straight back out again!

As we walked back to the hotel afterwards, the youngest held my hand and my heart contracted a little, wondering if this was the last time … that she’d be too grown up for such things soon.

My heart also felt a bit heavy about it being our final day together before handover to their dad in Rome today.

I will miss them a lot … Well, not the bickering …

Here are yesterday’s snaps:


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