I’ve changed my mind

The builder popped over yesterday to run through the final details on my mini renovation.

(Did I tell you he’s an almost-celebrity builder? He was going to be on the new season of The Block with his wife, but they found out a few days before they were meant to fly to Melbourne that she was pregnant and had to pull out.)

I walked him through the whole thing, we marked out power points and discussed all the last-minute purchases I needed to make before he starts work in just over a week’s time. I also suggested we’d better get a lock on the french doors since I can’t afford a deck so they’ll be opening onto a 2m drop for the foreseeable future.

No problemo.

Then, mere moments after he left, I had REVELATION.

I was doing it all wrong.

Plasterboarding over a window and building a pantry with the fridge inside it was a TERRIBLE idea.

It was suddenly so crystal clear to me. What I really needed was another row of cupboards that line up with the laundry wall with a broom closet behind it, retaining the existing window (which runs virtually the whole length of the proposed broom closet). Diagram below …


Previous diagram:


I’m presuming the builder is accustomed to capricious women. He stalled me by saying he couldn’t open the photo of my diagram.

A likely story.

I’ll give him 24 hours to digest the situation then I’ll hassle him about it again.

He’s getting an awful lot of grief for a renovation with such a tiny budget.

I’ve also asked if it’s possible to be done and dusted in three weeks because it’s very freaking expensive getting dogs minded for an extended period of time.

Surprisingly, he said “Yes!”

But I think builders usually over promise … so I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’m freaking out. It’s so close now.

I hope I’m making the right decision with that broom cupboard.

Song of the day:  INXS “Don’t change”



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