Honey, oh, sugar, sugar

Remember my youngest daughter being mentally scarred by the boy in That Sugar Film whose teeth had rotted from drinking Mountain Dew?

She refused to eat sugar for months afterwards and still has stretches off sucrose, kinda like Dry July for kids.

After a sugary school holidays, she eased herself into the first week back at school by still eating a bit of the white stuff.

But she assured me week two was D Day. When I asked if she wanted a sugar-free lunch box yesterday she said “Yes!”. So I packed it full of carrot sticks and bagel crackers and apple segments.

As she took it from my hand she announced she needed $5 for the school sports carnival that day.

I asked why and she cheerily announced: “For the cupcake stall!”

Ah, so it’s a sugar-free lunchbox aside from buying three cupcakes for morning tea … of course!

Ten-year-old logic is an adorable thing.

But the poor pet didn’t get to spend her $5 because some little weasel stole it from her bag while she was running in a race.

Geez I despair for humanity sometimes. Between shitty primary school thieves and terrorists, it often feels like the world is totally farked on every single level.

My daughter is a glass-half-full girl, so she wasn’t too bothered by the loss and quickly moved on to begging me for a dirdnl to wear to International Day at her school next week.

Her classroom is doing a German theme and, while wearing a German costume isn’t being encouraged. I suspect she’s decided she’d look rather fetching with blonde plaits and a puffy blouse and skirt.

Dirndls aren’t really a dime a dozen in my neck of the woods.

Ah, the bizarre challenges you face as a single parenthood.

So she hit eBay. It’s quite terrifying how much she’s her mother’s daughter.

I really should say bugger that, just wear mufti like every other kid, but she beguiles me with her determination. She’s found a costume that’s $20 including postage and has suggested she’ll reuse the costume for Halloween as a vampire or zombie Heidi.


She’s dismissed the kids’ costumes as too naff and gone for a sexy adult one that would barely graze a woman’s undies, but I figure it will swathe a kid fairly appropriately, much like her zombie bride outfit for last Halloween that was also somehow meant for an adult.


(Any excuse to run that awesome pic again …)

I am powerless in the face of her enthusiasm … Hence the swing set and trapeze in her bedroom …


Ah well, childhood is so bloody short before the challenges of grown-up life begin, might as well have a bit of fun with it.

Song of the day: The Archies “Oh sugar sugar”

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