Drinking with chickens

The world often breaks my heart with its hate and anger. I feel terribly sad when I scan the news websites each day. How can people have lost their perspective on the preciousness of human life?

Closer to home, things can feel pretty precarious too. Modern living has filled humanity with so much anxiety that every second person needs psychologists and drugs to survive it.

But there are brighter days, the ones when I stumble across delightfully kooky things like Kate’s blog, Drinking With Chickens. Those days remind me the world can still be the sweetest place.

As Kate notes, her blog is about “Garden-fresh cocktails; drinking what’s seasonal and local. Usually in the company of judgey chickens.”

Well, of course it is, makes perfect sense to me.

Kate loves cocktails and chickens in equal measure.

While seeing her gorgeous feathered friends reminds me how much I miss my chooks, it also makes me smile.

“There is something transcendental about a bunch of chickens doing clumsy ballet as they’re getting Jurassic on unsuspecting bugs in the fading evening light,” she explains. “Especially after you’ve had a little rum. Or a lot of rum. Did I say transcendental? Rum makes me so profound.”

Her Instagram is filled with pictures that make me giggle a lot yesterday. I needed a giggle, so I thank Kate profusely.

Here are some of my favourite photos she’s taken, I hope they make you smile too:

Song of the day: U2 “Elevation”





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