It hurts

I was convinced it was fatal when I woke up on Monday morning and couldn’t walk properly. The bit where my femur meets my hip really, really hurt.

Some terrible bone condition, I decided. Dying.

And then I realised what it actually was: muscle pain from bowling.

I. Am. Getting. So. Old.

How can a single game of ten pin bowling cause me so much discomfort?

The youngest talked me into playing on Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t keen. I’m still mentally scarred from going bowling for my dear, dear friend Mel’s 40th birthday three years ago when I was still with my ex.

I was the last person to finish bowling and all the other guests stood around watching as I played the worst game EVER SEEN ON THIS PLANET.

Gutter after gutter after gutter after gutter.

I was almost crying by the end of it. Everyone else thought it was HILARIOUS.

The weirdest thing happened on Sunday: I can bowl now.

I was doing strikes and everything.

What’s THAT all about?

DD reckons it’s because I’m getting my confidence back.

Well, I’d like to get my body back too, because it’s pretty woeful that I’m still walking funny three days later from throwing a bowling ball 20 times.

But I was pretty stoked by suddenly acquiring the ability to bowl.

The youngest was very impressed that I beat her. She’s such a sporty little thing. Bowls like a pro. But also such a good sport, never gets cranky about losing, takes it in her stride with a smile.

Bless her.

On the bless her front, she’s also insisted that we start eating dinner at the table together. We’d been very slack and were just slouching in front of the tellie every night with our plates. But she thinks it’s important that we sit down together as a family every night. So last night she helped me make Smoky Beef Pies with Cheesy Pastry Twists, then put placemats and cutlery out.


I got the recipe from the latest Taste magazine. I really try to resist buying it because they weren’t entirely kind to me when I applied for a job there, but that pie looked so irresistible.

The pie was delicious, but rather rich. I’m scared to think how many calories were in those cheesy twists.

We might try a chicken variation next time.

Do you eat dinner at the table every night?

Song of the day: John Mellencamp “Hurts so good”


10 thoughts on “It hurts

  1. Bowling… i cant even throw the freakin thing properly anymore… no run up, lightest ball possible (that my fingers can fit in holes!!!) & it hurt my hand, my wrist, my back – each bowl!!! But, hey, my best core USED to be 24… its now like 90!!!! Yay
    & yes, we sit at the table most nites… but, our home is so small, its almost on top of the lounge & tv… lol

  2. Aaaah…ten pin bowling! There’s a memory! Did you know they put oil on those lanes to make them slippery? I didn’t…

    It was Mother’s Day around 22 years ago and friends invited us to go ten pin bowling with them. Michael was about 4 or 5 and we used the lane for kids with the barriers over the gutter and one of those ramps to roll the ball down.

    Michael pushed the ball down the ramp and it trickled along the lane about 2 metres and came to a stop. “We’ll do that again!” I exclaimed as I strode down the lane to retrieve the ball.

    BIG mistake….second step and my left foot went out from under me, landed on my left elbow and BROKE MY LEFT HUMERUS! No, it WASN’T FUNNY and I can hear you all laughing! Long story short…after 2 months trying to get the bone to knit in the right position I ended up in surgery, having a six inch pin in my arm to straighten it!

    PS I didn’t have any idea that they oiled the lanes and, on the advice of a lawyer friend, I ended up suing the bowling alley for insufficient warning notices and won a substantial loss of income/pain and suffering claim….that I am not allowed to disclose! A sort of happy ending to that Mother’s Day outing and I haven’t been near a bowling alley since!

  3. I hear you about the bowling. Smarts had a work bowling night once and we were all dragged along. Like you, I was dreadful and one arse on my team gave me a little talking to about how if I tried I might be ok. Ooohhh I wanted to him him hard in the knackers.

  4. Scotto and I joined a bowling league a few years ago and we enjoyed it immensely until the treasurer embezzled all the funds and it was closed down. Story of my life really. I was the worst in the league but I did improve and had my eye on the Olympics. I earned my 125 pin. Lol.

  5. I am a fucking useless bowler. Somehow my finger nails get in the way so I have to chuck the bloody thing sort of backwards and I must look like a cartoon. Ho hum.

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