My sneaky getaway

I’m writing this blog immediately after reading an article by Lana Hirschowitz about the perils of Australia’s drinking culture and how much it saddens her.

And I’m feeling a little guilty: most of the photographs I took during my blog break involved alcohol.

My excuse is that I needed shots to populate my work (drinks trade) Instagram feed.

I’m not sure that’s a great excuse.

I was also escaping for a few days with DD.

Also not entirely the best excuse.

But it’s done, it was fun, so I might as well do a show and tell.

Life is a bit full on right now with family and work pressures, so we ran away to Melbourne.

The pressures of real life still crept in a little, but having some one-on-one time was lovely.

I’ve realised I got so caught up in taking photos for my work Instagram that I didn’t take any selfies, so my gallery is a little boring, but each photo fills you in on a bit of our trip, so give them a click.

A thousand apologies to my Melbourne friends I didn’t see. Next time, I promise!

Song of the day: Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel “Don’t give up”



4 thoughts on “My sneaky getaway

  1. Apology accepted! You certainly picked perfect weather to visit Melbourne! 🤗
    Breaky in Richmond looks awesome! Did you check out my recommendation of last week?

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