So beautiful … and so terrible

I spent yesterday morning blithely wandering Bilgola Beach, vaguely aware there had been another shooting in the United States, but not really comprehending the horror.

It feels like there’s a shooting incident in the US every day. I fear I’ve become (appallingly) blase about the carnage.

But for someone to use an automatic weapon to kill 50 people and injure 53 more is just devastatingly, despicably awful. And it seems nothing will convince middle America that enough is enough and something needs to be done about gun laws.


Conversely, the world is filled with moments of remarkable beauty.

DD and I walked over the hill from Newport to Bilgola, sat sipping coffees and eating bacon-y treats at the cafe staring out at the gorgeous ocean, then walked the length of the beach, perching on the rocks to admire the view for a while, then wandering back across the sand and around the rocky headland back to our cars.

It was the loveliest, most peaceful way to spend a morning. I even contemplated flinging myself in the waves for a swim … maybe next weekend. (DD went back after nightfall and backstroked in the ocean pool, gazing up at the stars, lucky him.)

I want to stop thinking about the terrible events in Florida, so I’m going to focus instead on the photographs DD and I took together yesterday. I hope you like them too …

Song of the day: John Lennon “Imagine”


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