Facing my fear

I hate talking on the phone.

Hate, hate, HATE IT.

Always have, always will.

I feel physically ill at the mere thought of dialling a number and having to speak to a human – or even a robot – at the other end.

It’s my idea of heaven when I can make an appointment or reservation or pay a bill via the computer.

The debt collectors will be chasing me soon about a pathology bill that requires me to send a cheque (who has THOSE these days?) or call to make a payment. What sort of medieval torture is THAT.

I’ve always been this way, so I can kinda understand why my parents were perturbed by my desire to be a journalist … And I’ll admit it DID make my first job at The Newcastle Herald a little tricky …

But I got by somehow. Shudder.

I’m not alone in my horror. My friend and fellow blogger The Sharpest Pencil is the same. For example, she wrote earlier this year:

My absolute hatred of using the phone to make calls is playing havoc with my hair. It’s not that I’m twisting my hair anxiously while I’m trying to pluck up the courage to make a call (I am) and it’s not that the fear has reached the point where it’s falling out but it’s stopping me from having it cut.

I hate talking on the phone but my very worst thing is calling people I don’t know. To top that off calling people I don’t know to make appointments for myself is so heinous that I don’t actually do it. Or at least I try not to unless it’s essential to my son, my husband or my health. Hairdressers don’t fall into the essential category.

Yep, that’s me. The only people I call are my sister, my mum and (occasionally) DD. My phone rarely rings and when it does I answer reluctantly, with a “what the HELL do YOU want?” tone in my voice.

Buzzfeed also summed it up pretty well with this article: “Things Only People Who Hate Talking On The Phone Will Understand.”

Please, just send me a text! Sooooooo much less confronting.

So you can imagine my horror when I walked into work yesterday and discovered a list on the desk of people I had to ring.

My chest went VERY tight.

I’m still only part-time at the drinks association, so this was at my other job. I’m working Fridays in June at the Northbridge School of Visual Arts on the front desk.

(Drop by and pay me a visit! I might hate the phone, but I love a face-to-face chat.)

The art school wanted me to call all the nearby schools about the NSVA’s school holiday program. I faffed around for ages trying to put off the inevitable: wee stop, coffee stop, school morning tea being a bad time to ring … Until I finally pulled together the courage and dialled those bloody numbers.

Everyone was very nice, so the bark of the chore was far worse than the bite … But still, ARGH.

Do you like talking on the phone?

Song of the day: Blondie “Hanging on the telephone”


4 thoughts on “Facing my fear

  1. U never used to hate talking on the phone… i can remember my mother saying ‘what on EARTH do u have to talk about when u have spent the whole day at school together?’

  2. I HATE HATE HATE talking on the phone unless it’s to my husband, my daughter or my folks. Otherwise I will do whatever I can to avoid using the phone. I too don’t understand why people can’t just text me or let me pay online. Just remembered I have a pathology account to pay – please please please let me pay by computer !!!!

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